Pilot Licensing

Young Person's Flying Bursary

Now Open For 2023

The BMAA is very keen to promote microlighting to the younger generation so that we continue to bring new blood into the sport and the movement continues to grow with the added enthusiasm of young people learning to fly.

The Bursary is run by, amongst others, Rob Grimwood who started flying himself as part of a BMAA scholarship in 1997. Rob now runs his own microlight school and is an instructor and examiner. You may also know he has also reached World Champion status many times representing the UK Microlighting Team. This is exactly the story that the BMAA wants to replicate with the Young Persons’ Flying Bursary. It is very important to the association that the individuals selected are interested in microlight flying specifically and not just looking for a fast track to a pilot’s licence. What we really want are the future ambassadors of the sport who are in a position to continue on flying the flag when the present incumbents are beginning to hang up their flying suits.

We award funding each year to selected candidates between the ages of 15 and 20 on the date of the award. In order to qualify they must show some history of an interest in microlighting and will be selected by an appointed panel. There will be some additional flying and ground based assessments to ensure we get exactly the right people.

In short the BMAA wants to harness those feelings and enthusiasm that we all had when we were leaning to fly! You remember it surely….checking the weather for 7 days ahead (shortly after landing from your previous week’s lesson). The huge disappointment when your instructor shook his head and said “not today” and the times where you steadfastly refused to accept that it was bucketing down with rain, blowing 30 knots across the runway and the airfield was waterlogged, but you still turned up at the airfield half expecting to go flying!

We think pretty much every airfield has an enthusiastic youngster that shows up every weekend and is happy to clean, work and do pretty much anything to get a flight. Even just being given the opportunity to talk flying with those that have climbed the dizzy heights to attaining a licence is enough to keep up the weekend pilgrimage to the local airfield for some. It is exactly these people that the BMAA wishes to support to make the NPPL a little step closer and the next World Champion a natural next progression!

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