BMAA Council

Tim Burrow

I’ve been flying microlights since 2004, always Flexwing, and I still consider myself to be a young pilot. I like to have at least one flying adventure each year, something to plan for, look forward too and feel a sense of achievement once completed. Initially these were what I deemed significant flights cross country to then touring and camping, in 2015 myself and a good flying friend flew right round the outside of the UK mainland for charity. Sea to the Left (made navigation a lot easier) was seven flying days covering 2200 miles of coastline 35 airfields visited and £8000 donated between two cancer charities based in the Northwest. I’ve always enjoyed taking part in the BMAA Nationals as they got me up and out to different parts of the country that otherwise I probably wouldn’t have gone, It taught me a slightly different take on flying and also got me involved with the British Team where together with my trusted Sea to the Left companion Neil King we managed to get a Bronze Medal in the European Championships in Hungary. I am that person who has to tell at least one person at any given party or gathering that I’m a pilot and I fly microlights for a hobby, but why not. Its a fantastic sport, its brought me many hours of pleasure, afforded me some of the best experiences in life I could ever wish for and I think we should all be proud of that. Tell everyone I say, get them all flying and encourage those who have already endured the fight to gain their pilots licence to go out and use it, find your own adventure. Happy Flying.

Derek Lamb

Interests in BMAA activities range from rebuilding and flying an SSDR, to building and flying three axis planes, as well as a bit of flexwing flying. A recent LAPL adds to the mix. Airspace and conspicuity are concerns for me. Retired but still a Chartered Engineer and registered accountant.

Rob Grimwood

I have had my microlight pilots licence for 20 years and have been a flying instructor for 19 years. I run my own flying school from Plaistows Farm in St. Albans. As well as teaching normal students I also teach and examine instructors. I have a real interest in competition flying and have been World Microlight Champion 5 times.  I also have a Masters Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Brunel University. I have been working on the BMAA council for 10 years and thoroughly enjoy trying to make the sport we all love safer and better.

Bill Davis

I obtained my PPL in the 1980’s and flew a Cessna 172 aircraft for many years. In 2000 I was offered a flight in a flexwing microlight aircraft and it changed my life. Whilst I always had the joy of flying, that day I discovered the thrill of flying.  After a course of instruction I obtained my microlight rating. Not long afterwards I obtained my instructor rating and with the encouragement of my wife and family I decided to give up my corporate career to pursue a new career in Microlight aviation.

 Since then, I have managed my own successful flying school, I have been a BMAA approved check-pilot, and I also obtained an FE rating. The highlight of my Microlight flying was working for Batoka Sky in Zambia as their chief Microlight pilot conducting tourist flights over Victoria Falls, flying wildlife management patrols and performing other aerial services.

 I’m passionate about microlight flying and as a council member I want to see us promote awareness for microlight aviation to a wider audience so that many others can experience that ‘thrill of flying’……a life changing experience.

Simon Heyes

I took up microlight training in 2017 and fly a flexwing from East Fortune near to Edinburgh.  I have also competed conversion to fixed-wing. 

I hold a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, am a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (FIMechE) and have worked in the aviation industry at Rolls-Royce and as an Engineer Officer in the RAF on a short-service commission. 

For the last 25 years I have worked in the energy industry, becoming General Manager for renewables at one of the energy major utilities and CEO of a private equity-owned energy services company.  I hope to use my experience on a number of commercial company boards in my role with the BMAA.

I have been involved in the Wings scheme development and will always endorse continual improvement in skills and education for all pilots, to promote safer flying.  My experience with construction of large-scale electricity generation projects helped me recognise the benefits of developing a positive safety culture, which is equally relevant to lightly regulated aviation. 

I am also keen to be involved in the inevitable transition away from hydrocarbons to sustainable alternative fuels and electric propulsion for flight.  By engaging positively with the relevant stakeholders, the BMAA can set a direction of travel which minimises impact on current aircraft types whilst enabling the many potential benefits to be achieved at least cost to the membership.

Cath Spence

I’m passionate about flying and, in particular, the simple affordable access to flight that is at the heart of the BMAA. I’ve only been flying for 5 years but it’s been a fantastic adventure and so helping to ensure that the same opportunity remains available for others to access is the key motivator for me to stand for Council. Since starting flying, I have become involved with the BMAA through a number of different things from taking part in the Open Series, to completing Silver Wings (so far, I’m just a navigation exercise away from a Gold). The Microlight Flying editorial team offered another opportunity and I’ve delivered a number of articles for the magazine to date. Most recently, the last 8 months have been spent chairing the lovely team of volunteers in the working group in delivering the Wings relaunch (due May 2022 in case you’re wondering). It’s been a real privilege working with this great group of people in building the new modules and setting up opportunities for pilots to do ongoing learning and development in areas of interest. The team have built some fabulous material and I am proud to have been able to help support the work of the BMAA in this way. When my feet are on the ground, my day job is around helping with the creation of new businesses and as a result, I have over 15 years of experience sitting on boards as a director, helping to steer new and fledging companies through some challenging times. This experience, combined with a passion for the sport and a desire to support pilots of every kind to join the flying family and then maintain their enjoyment of flight is what I bring to the table.