Tim Burrow

I joined council in December 2017 after the very interactive AGM at Deddington Village Hall. The BMAA seemed like such a closed shop and in my view should be doing so much more to encourage new pilots, expand the sport and have greater interaction with its members. I’ve learnt a lot about the BMAA in the time since then, as vice chairman for two years, acting chairman overseeing the recruitment and placement of our new CEO to then become Chairman. Whilst I now understand a great deal more about the BMAA and the difficult environment in which it operates, my initial thoughts and beliefs about its core role hasn’t really changed. The BMAA has always been great at the legal representation, licensing and the CAA. So with representation already covered I’d like to see the BMAA engage more with its members, both current and future. Play a bigger part in their flying lives, more than just mandatory oversight. Inspire the next generation of pilots and expand our sport to all. Playing a key role in the design and procurement of the exhibition trailer, working closely with others to create events where we can show the BMAA and microlights to a new audience, being a key member of the team relaunching the BMAA Open Series and creating opportunities for members to get out and fly. My passion is to create a club feel about the BMAA, make it an association members want to be part of rather than have to be a part of. There are so many things I have started on council that I really want to see through, and so many positive changes within our sport right now that I want to be a part of. I would really appreciate your vote to enable that. Thank You

Proposed by Owain Johns, 0362
Seconded by Neil King, 5420