BMAA Staff

Office Administrator – Technical (OAT) - jo pickles

The OAT assists both the CTO and CI in their work and is chiefly responsible on a day-to-day basis for processing routine applications for airworthiness activity.

I started working for the BMAA in 2003 and have worked my way through most of the administration roles within the association! Currently I am administrator for the Technical Office, responsible for permit renewals. 

Although I don’t have a pilot’s licence I have flown numerous times and even navigated in several National Microlight competitions in 2005.

I left the BMAA for 2 years in 2015 to set up my own business; however I missed my work with the Microlighting fraternity so much that I was lucky enough to come back in 2017!

In my spare time I compete in obedience competitions with my dogs and I’m also a keen horse rider.

I married Ben (Syson) in 2016 and we live with our 3 dogs, Henry, Merlin and Scout.