BMAA Staff

NPPL Administrator - aaron bliss

The NPPL Administrator is responsible for accepting and checking applications for the NPPL Microlight licence. On the Administrator's recommendation the Civil Aviation Authority will issue a pilot's licence. The Administrator also acts as Secretary to the Microlight Panel of Examiners and provides a focal point for information regarding any aspect of microlight pilot, instructor or examiner legislation.

I hail from Deddington, a short walk from the BMAA office. Coming originally from a retail background from studying my first degree, I initially worked for the BMAA as a second job on a temporary basis in 2008 covering membership administration, and used the additional money to help fund my living expenses towards studying my Masters in Creative Writing and Contemporary English Literature the following year.

When the full-time Licensing Administrator position vacancy came up in 2013, I jumped at the chance, and have been in post since. I see my position as facilitating smooth processing of queries and legal documents to ensure students, instructor and examiners spend the maximum time enjoying the wild blue yonder rather than correcting avoidable errors or dealing with the CAA.

My role sees me in regular contact with the CAA, the Panel of Examiners, The Training Committee and our Training Liaison & Safety Officer John Teesdale, working towards the shared goal of improving safety and minimising barriers to flying for all.