BMAA Staff

BMAA Staff

The BMAA employs staff to carry out the day-to-day functions of the BMAA.

Chief Executive (CE). The CE is responsible for directing the BMAA staff to achieve the strategic aims of the BMAA Council. The CE currently takes the lead in regulatory representation for the benefit of the members; the aim to ensure that regulation affecting microlight flying is reduced as much as possible and that any that remains is proportionate to the activity.

The CE is Geoff Weighell

Technical Office

Chief Technical Officer (CTO). The CTO is responsible for the running of the BMAA Technical Office to ensure that members' projects are handled accurately and speedily. The Technical Office also accepts engineering approval applications from manufacturers which the BMAA is authorised to scrutinise and approve on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority.

The CTO is Roger Pattrick

Chief Inspector & Design Approval Engineer (CI & DAE). The CI is responsible for all matters relating to the ongoing airworthiness of the BMAA fleet of microlights. The CI appoints BMAA Inspectors to help members with airworthiness tasks such as annual inspections and modification or repair tasks. 

The CI is Rob Mott

Airworthiness Engineer (AE).  The AE reports to both the CE, CTO & CI working on both initial and continued airworthiness projects. Ranging from weight reports, modifications, repairs, amateur-build completions, permit renewals and answering technical questions.

The AE is Mark Bailey 

Quality Manager (QM).  The QM is responsible for ensuring the BMAA is in compliance with and adhering to its technical procedures. This is in accordance with the airworthiness requirements of the Sporting Approval A8-26 as published by the Civil Aviation Authority.  

The QM is Dave Simpson

Flight Training Liaison & Safety Officer  (FTL&SO)

Office Administration

Office Manager. The Office Manager is responsible for ensuring the smooth and safe running of all administration tasks that running the business of the BMAA entails.

The Office manager is Kelly Thacker

Pilot Licensing

NPPL Administrator. The NPPL Administrator is responsible for accepting and checking applications for the NPPL Microlight licence. On the Administrator's recommendation the Civil Aviation Authority will issue a pilot's licence. The Administrator also acts as Secretary to the Microlight Panel of Examiners and provides a focal point for information regarding any aspect of microlight pilot, instructor or examiner legislation.

The NPPL Administrator is Aaron Bliss


Membership Secretary. The Membership Secretary is responsible for all matters relating to membership of the BMAA and provides a point of contact for any enquiries related to BMAA membership or membership activity.

The membership secretary is Karen Judd

Promotion and Marketing Coordinator

The BMAA employs a Promotion and Marketing Coordinator on a part time basis. The role joins together all the current various strands of promotion.

The Promotion and Marketing Coordinator is Amanda Lord


The BMAA employs a contract bookkeeper one day a week to manage the finances. The Bookkeeper works with the CEO and the BMAA Treasurer to ensure that the finances are recorded correctly. The accounts are audited annually.


Although each member of staff has an individual function there is a significant overlap in skills for administration tasks. This means that although we are a small team we can always aim to service our members' routine applications and queries on a same or next day turnaround.