Flight Training Liaison & Safety Officer

Following the recent retirement of our Flight Training Liaison and Safety Officer the BMAA is recruiting for a replacement.

Flight safety

We know that without a practical link between our flight safety promotion activities and the world of flight training, information gathered that can help improve flight safety tends to become isolated and often the opportunity to pass on is lost. To effectively fill the gap this position can only be filled by someone with significant experience in microlight flight training and an ambition to raise standards.

To effectively improve flight safety the appointed person will have to:

·         be able to collect and analyse data so that the resources available can be used most effectively,

·         develop strategies for deployment of information,

·         work with the training industry to raise safety awareness, and

·         work with other aviation industry organisations to coordinate with national safety improvement policies.

Wings Scheme

The BMAA Wings Scheme has been developed to encourage pilot members to improve their knowledge and skills. The appointed person will take the lead in developing the scheme to offer more options and encourage members to take part.

Training liaison

The BMAA is an organisation approved by the UK CAA to issue Microlight Pilot Licenses. Under our Organisation Approval the BMAA is also obliged to assist the CAA with other tasks. These include, but are not limited to;

·         Maintain the training syllabus,

·         Reviewing and maintaining the pilot examinations,

·         Providing an information resource on the NPPL M for members of the public,

·         Developing and providing guidance for microlight instructors and examiners.

Some of this work is currently managed by volunteers, the Panel of Examiners and the Training Committee. The rest is managed by the employed staff at Deddington. This role includes coordination of some of the voluntary work so that it is completed in a timely manner. 

The successful applicant will be familiar with the current BMAA NPPL Syllabus, the NPPL Examinations and the BMAA Instructor and Examiner Guide.

The person

The successful applicant:
will be able to work on their own initiative
will have significant experience in the field of microlight flight instruction
will have extremely good organisation, communication and presentation skills

Hours, place of work and remuneration

We see this as a part time job, probably averaging one and a half days a week. There will be some weekend working and, because working with other organisations will mean attending meetings on dates largely outside of our control, there will have to be a degree of flexibility on working days.

The position is office based at Deddington, although home working has now become the norm.

The remuneration package is likely to be in the region of £24,000 per annum paid pro-rata for contracted hours.

Next Step

If, having read through the details above, you believe that you have the knowledge and skills to fill this position please complete the application form and return it to the Chief Executive at the BMAA. In addition to the application form, which is just a traditional office employment document, you should separately give details of relevant experience and an outline of how you see the role and how you would go about making it work.

Rob Hughes


Application Form Word format

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