pilot's news - keep up to date with regulation

Aviation regulation and administration can be very complex. Here we try to keep you up to date with changes.

September 2016 - Changes to flight training validity periods

The validity period for solo and navigation flight training hours flown for the grant of a Microlight Licence or Class rating has been extended from 9 months to 24 months prior to the date that the application is received by the BMAA licence administration centre.

August 2016 - Changes to the Air Navigation Order (ANO)

Visibility minima removed from the UK PPL(M) and NPPL(M). These licences no longer include visibility minima. Pilots must fly with visibility complying with the VMC minima for the class of airspace.

Minimum ownership share. The ANO no longer stipulates that a part owner of an aircraft must have at least 5% equity.

The term Assistant Flying Instructor (AFI) has been replaced by the term Flight Instructor (Restricted) FI(R).

Validity of Instructor Certificates. The validity period for a microlight instructor certificate has increased from 25 months for an FI to 36 months and for a FI(R) from 13 months to 36 months. The new period will start from the next revalidation of either certificate.

To be remunerated for flight training or testing instructors and examiners are no longer required to be in the same Club as the student or candidate.

August 2016 - Pilot Medical Declaration

Changes have been made to the medical declaration for UK PPL and NPPL pilots. The declaration is made on-line and does not need a GP counter signature. The validity periods have increased. Initial until 70 years and then every three years after the age of 70. Full details on the CAA web site. Follow this link.