BMAA Member's Area - Aircraft Registration BMAA c/o Address

After receiving requests from our members the BMAA has set up a C/O Address system that members who are microlight owners can use as the ‘Aircraft registered owner address’ to be displayed on the CAA G-INFO database.


1) Download the BMAA C/O Address Terms and Conditions document, read and complete. Download the document here. Please note the forwarding address given must match the details we hold for your membership.

2) Download the CAA Form CA 71 (Note of Change of Details of a UK Registered Aircraft) and complete the change of address details. A partially completed form is available to download here. Download Form . 

3) Send the completed BMAA Terms and Conditions and the CAA Form CA 71 to the BMAA.

3) Go to the BMAA web shop and make payment for the service that you have chosen. BMAA Shop

4) For Syndicate owned aircraft: All of the above steps must be completed and in addition you must advise us of the names and BMAA membership numbers of all other registered owners of the aircraft. Please send us a copy of the CAA Form CA 04 (Aircraft Ownership Trustee Grid) when you submit the Terms and Conditions agreement. You can download a copy of the Form CA 04 here. Download Form

We cannot set up this service if this information is not sent to the office. All registered owners in a syndicate must be current BMAA members.

Once all information is received in the office the service will be set up on your aircraft and an email confirmation will be sent out to confirm your start and expiry date. Two weeks before your expiry date a reminder email will be sent to you to renew this service. If you decide not to renew the BMAA will no longer forward any mail received.


1. Single owner aircraft = £17.00 per annum for up to 3 items of forwarded mail
2. Syndicate owned aircraft = £28.00 per annum for up to 5 items of forwarded mail
3. Additional items will be charged at £6.20 each

Terms and Conditions
1. All items will be sent to the owner from the BMAA office by recorded delivery.
2. Payments are to be made annually and they will cover the cost of up to 3 forwarded items for a single owner aircraft and 5 items for syndicate owned aircraft.
3. Additional items will incur a charge of £6.20 each.
4. Failure to pay for additional items or renewal will result in address held on G-INFO reverting to owners personal details.
5. Where aircraft have more than one registered owner all must be current BMAA members. A list of these owners will be required at set up and annually with renewal of service. A copy of your CA04 form, Aircraft Ownership Trustee Grid,must be scanned and sent to us using the email address membership(at) 
6. Confirmation of name and address to send mail onto must be produced at time of application and the address must match details we hold on the membership record.
7. The BMAA reserves the right to review the benefit annually and withdraw the service should it be deemed necessary.
8. The BMAA reserves the right to review fees and charges annually and change them if required.

Please read and understood the Terms and Conditions and ensure that any information submitted is true and correct.