BMAA Council Election 2020

There are two places available on the BMAA Board of Directors (the BMAA Council) for the period 2020-2023.

There have been three nominations for these places and so the BMAA will be holding a members' vote with the two nominees having the highest number of votes being elected to serve on the Council.

The vote will be held throughout April 2020 by option of postal or electronic voting. Postal votes and further details of how to cast you vote will be included in the April edition of Microlight Flying Magazine.

The nominees are listed below in alphabetical order of surname:

Doug Coppin BMAA No 10446F

After spending most of my working life involved in the super yacht industry as a Commercial Offshore Master; commissioning, overseeing the build and delivering both sail and motor yachts all over the world, I suddenly developed a fear of flying which hindered my next yacht collection. I needed to overcome this fear of flying so I decided to go up with an over enthusiastic instructor in a GT450, after barely completing a circuit I was back on the ground in 10 minutes due to the 20mph+ wind strength, this didn’t help my fear of flying. Determined not to let this first experience put me off I approached another instructor back in the UK, who flew from the back seat, and after 3 hours of flying in better weather conditions, I not only enjoyed flying again I was hooked and went on to secure my NPPL. Since then I have enjoyed flying as often as I can and have encouraged others to take up the sport including my wife, who now has her NPPL, and together we have helped promote microlighting across the North East. I very much enjoy organising flying events and so far, I have helped organise the Northern Round of the British Nationals ‘Eshott Escapades’ in 2014. In 2016 and 2018, in partnership with my wife, I organised two ‘Fly the Tyne’ charity events, raising over £15k and involving over 200 pilots and passengers from across the UK. In 2018 I was approached to organise a microlight formation flypast to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday and this year I am organising a microlight flypast down the River Tyne to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE/VJ Day. I became a BMAA inspector in 2018 and now enjoy visiting North East airfields and aircraft owners from all walks of life, sharing information, advocating on behalf of the BMAA and helping to promote and drive the sport forward. 

Proposed by James Horn BMAA No 6696
I would like to nominate Doug Coppin for a position on the BMAA Council. I have known Doug on a professional level for many years, he is hugely passionate about microlight flying and is well known in the North East of England amongst your northern members. His enthusiasm and knowledge for the sport is contagious and I feel he will be an asset to the BMAA Council which could do with at least one member representing the North east.

Second by Terence Farley BMAA No 5748

I wish to strongly recommend  Doug Coppin for a position on the BMAA council.

During my acquaintance with Doug he has displayed a very keen interest in all things BMAA being an inspector and also a winner of the Keith Negal Trophy. He is a fixed wing and flexwing pilot.

I am absolutely confident Doug would be a great asset on the council  especially for the North East and bring knowledge and skills to help us all.

Rob Hughes BMAA No 7571

I am a passionate flyer and have proudly served on Council for a while now, including two periods as Chairman. Our association has changed and developed greatly during that time and is now a busy club with a wide range of activities, effective management and a high quality of staff members who deliver excellent service.

My background includes a triple honours Business/Languages degree along with post-grad business qualifications. I run a construction company though I have spent 5 years abroad at the World Air Sports Federation, latterly as their CEO.

My record on council demonstrates my dedication and this includes:

-               Chairing the board of directors with the constant aim of improving the BMAA.

-               Organising many events - The Flying Show (5 times) as well as the two other largest events BMAA has organised (European and World Microlight Championships).

-               Contributing to other events as helper, organiser or BMAA representative on-site.

-               Representing BMAA members at national and international level, including CAA, DfT, Royal Aero Club and the FAI (World Air Sports Federation).

-               Collaborating with the Chief Executive, including on HR, finance and strategy.

-               Attending, planning and chairing meetings with the aim of delivering high levels of service and representation while ensuring financial stability.

-               Other work includes overseeing a website revamp, forum maintenance and moderation.

Most of all, my responsibility is to you, my fellow BMAA members, listening to your concerns and helping resolve your problems. This is an especially important time as we are still in negotiations with LAA regarding a possible merger and I am using my experience and insight to ensure BMAA members achieve the best outcome. Please vote for me and I will continue to put your needs and interests first.

Proposed by Paul Dewhurst BMAA No 2917

I have known Rob Hughes for around 20 years, and worked with him during my time on Council. I believe he is an asset to the BMAA Council. As well as being adapt to dealing with authorities and the high level political tasks, Rob has helped organize several major events and is no stranger to getting his hands dirty too.

Second Tim Burrow BMAA No 2240

I’ve known Rob for several years now and always admired the passion and enthusiasm he carries for all forms of sport aviation. His understanding of our sport as a whole and the positions he holds within many connecting organisations around the BMAA such as FAI, CIMA and The Royal Aero Club make him an invaluable asset to the BMAA.

Rob has a very clear view of a membership led, all inclusive association he would like to see develop, he is a strong advocate for the BMAA modernising its outlook and reaching out to members past present and future with initiatives such as recent promotional work and the BMAA reaching out using social media.

Rob is very much the enthusiastic, positive influence the BMAA council needs.

Eddie McCallum BMAA No 2063

I have enjoyed the sport of microlighting for over 28 years after initially being coerced into going flying for a day with a close friend of mine. I didn’t have an interest in flying at the time and couldn’t quite understand why I then signed up for an 8-week flying course. However, after building up my first 8 hours I started to enjoy flying and have since built up over 3,000 flying hours (2,000 x flexwing and 1,000 fixed). Over the years I enjoyed owning 6 flexwings and two CT’s. My first memorable flying adventure involved flying from Northumberland via the Isle of White to Popham in 1993, we didn’t rely on GPS or radios back then. Since then every year has involved flying adventures to new countries and difference destinations, with different pilots, planes and passengers. I have flown to nearly all the 44 countries in mainland Europe except for Russia, Ukraine, Albania, Turkey, Belarus and some principalities. My longest trip was flying to Oshkosh USA and back to Northumberland via Iceland, Greenland and Canada, ranking up 11,000 miles and 110 PIC flying hours over 4 weeks. For me flying is about enjoying the sport, promoting opportunities and exploring your aircrafts potential. One day I saw a ‘For Sale’ sign in a nearby Chicken Farm and thought it would make a great microlight site. I persuaded the local residents and planners to accept this idea and since starting with 4 flexwings in one hanger, Athey’s Moor Airfield now has 3 runways, 5 hangers for 25 aircraft and a fully functional and active clubhouse for members. I am keen to develop a training facility next to help inspire, promote and develop more involvement in the sport and would like to understand and promote the work of the BMAA whilst promoting the spirit of aircraft adventures.

Proposed by Melvyn Harris BMAA No 3829

I have known Edward McCallum for 28 years as a friend, fellow pilot and member of the BMAA. Edd’s exploits as a pilot are well known within the flying community and are inspirational. Underpinning that is his passion for all forms of flight and a supportive attitude to all those who wish to take up any form of flying.

Second by Simon Jarvis BMAA No 10443

I have known Ed since 1993. Ed has a very good knowledge of microlight flying having conducted many epic flights himself throughout Europe and to America.

Ed is an asset to the sport, he travels the country giving talks of his exploits to raise money for charity, and spreading a positive image of the sport. Presently planning to start a training establishment.