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Please do not apply for a corporate membership until you have completed the initial enquiry form available here.

To apply for a corporate membership please complete the form below. Payment is to be made by direct debit of £198.00 and will be collected annually on or after the last working day of the month unless there is a change to the subscription amount. Please complete the Direct Debit Mandate

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Corporate Membership

Corporate membership of the BMAA is principally for corporate or club entities that operate BMAA aircraft for commercial purposes, an example of which is glider towing. This may include military flying associations and British Gliding Association (BGA) clubs operating aircraft for their members’ benefit. Applications to join as corporate members will be assessed on merit and are subject to individual approval by the BMAA CEO.

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By applying for membership of the BMAA you do so in agreement with the Articles of Association and the Rules as published on the BMAA web site under The BMAA / Governance.

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