Cath Spence

I’m passionate about flying and, in particular, the simple affordable access to flight that is at the heart of the BMAA. I’ve only been flying for 5 years but it’s been a fantastic adventure and so helping to ensure that the same opportunity remains available for others to access is the key motivator for me to stand for Council. Since starting flying, I have become involved with the BMAA through a number of different things from taking part in the Open Series, to completing Silver Wings (so far, I’m just a navigation exercise away from a Gold). The Microlight Flying editorial team offered another opportunity and I’ve delivered a number of articles for the magazine to date. Most recently, the last 8 months have been spent chairing the lovely team of volunteers in the working group in delivering the Wings relaunch (due May 2022 in case you’re wondering). It’s been a real privilege working with this great group of people in building the new modules and setting up opportunities for pilots to do ongoing learning and development in areas of interest. The team have built some fabulous material and I am proud to have been able to help support the work of the BMAA in this way. When my feet are on the ground, my day job is around helping with the creation of new businesses and as a result, I have over 15 years of experience sitting on boards as a director, helping to steer new and fledging companies through some challenging times. This experience, combined with a passion for the sport and a desire to support pilots of every kind to join the flying family and then maintain their enjoyment of flight is what I bring to the table. 

Proposed by Amanda Lord, 1260F
Seconded by Dave Lord, 1260F