Join The FAI Colibri Award Scheme

Gain international recognition for your microlight piloting skills through the FAI Colibri Scheme.

You have got your licence, taken up your friends and family, and had many airfield café breakfasts in your local area, been to fly-ins, Popham and SpamField… but what next? You may want to compete in BMAA Competitions or simply gain confidence to fly further afield, how can you further develop your precision flying and navigation? The Colibri Award Scheme can offer this challenge in an enjoyable way and gives recognition for your success.

The Colibri Award Scheme is specially designed for microlight pilots by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) and the Commission Internationale de Micro-Aviation (CIMA). The FAI Colibri Badges are international standards of achievement and proficiency in microlight aviation. They encourage pilots to continue to acquire experience after having gained their pilot’s licence by, for instance, participating in longer distance flights, increasing the total number of hours flown or competing in FAI competitions.

There are four levels of Colibri; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. The prestigious Diamond Colibri is awarded by the FAI Microlight Commission itself for holders of the Silver Colibri badge or higher for an outstanding flying achievement in the sport of microlight flying. FAI website 

Pilots who would like to take part in the Colibri Scheme must progress through the sequence from Bronze to Gold, at each stage achieving the required standard.  A certificate and badge is awarded at each level. It is free for BMAA members.

The requirements for each award are set out on the application forms. They can be found here. Gold. Silver. Bronze. Each element of the application has to be evidenced and signed off by an Official BMAA Observer. All instructors can act as observers; a list of other people who can also act in this capacity can be found here. Completed application forms must be sent for authorisation by the BMAA scheme representatives Neil King ( or Frank Hodgson (

As each Colibri Award must be obtained in turn, the starting point is Bronze. For this you must demonstrate:

a) 20 hours P1 on Microlight or Paramotor aircraft including at least 50 flights.

b) 3 precision landings flown solo within 10m of the centre of a given spot, or 3 precision landings with engine on scoring at least 50 points during an official BMAA Open Series Event.

c) 1 precision landing flown solo within 20m of the centre of a given spot from a height of 300m (1000ft) AGL with the throttle fully closed, or 1 spot landing scoring at least 50 points during an official BMAA competition.

d) 2 solo pre-planned cross country flights of distance dM x 1 with an out-landing at a designated point along the route, being completed within 15% of the planned time; or achieving a positive score in 2 navigation tasks flown in an official BMAA competition.  (dM is the distance the aircraft can fly in nil wind in one hour at cruise speed).

You do not have to take part in competitions. In getting your full licence you will have already done 2 cross-country flights observed by your instructor, these can count towards the Bronze Colibri. The precision landings (elements b and c) may require practice in order to demonstrate them at the required standard. Your instructor can observe the accuracy of your landings and sign them off on the application form. If you have difficulty in arranging an official observer, please contact either Neil King or Frank Hodgson as they may be able to help.

Once you have achieved the bronze award the route is open to the higher levels, silver then gold.