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Previous recipients of the BMAA Certificate of Thanks


Lawrence Bell - His enthusiasm for all things connected to microlight flying is highlighted by his ability to run a successful flying school while also creating and developing Quizaero for the benefit of new trainee pilots. His skills and commitment to the sport are without question.


Tim Gayton-PolleyTimothy has been an amazing member of our club in West Sussex. He is continually doing any and all the needed chores without thanks and without ever talking about it. He does grass cutting continually making our strip and taxi area pristine at all times. He does roof repairs, holes filling, tree pruning, wind sock repairs and is always the first to volunteer to assist anyone who is needing to do work on their plane or hanger. Without him our club of 8 would not have as much flying time as we do and we all owe him so much for all he does.

Ruth DevlinRuth is a constant ambassador for Microlighting works tirelessly promoting safety and always leads from the front when it comes to additional training. Ruth is a great ambassador for both the BMAA and the sport in general.

Mark Busuttil & Leon Xuereb - Leon and Mark took over the running of all Microlight flight training in Malta ten years ago. They have done a pretty good job and still have the enthusiasm they had when they first started. Thanks to them Malta has kept strong bonds with the BMAA. They deserve recognition and to share the award. 

Graham SlaterThrough his company (GSAviation - established over 25 years ago at Clench Common), Graham has trained around 1,000 microlight pilots on flexwing, fixed wing and autogyro. Hi offering also includes SSEA and radio qualifications. He has appeared in multiple films. He has taken part in numerous trials for the MoD. Graham has established a servicing capability which is open to all. More recently he has come to the rescue of the P&M community too. I think it fair to say that Graham defines a family business as one which encompasses all his past and present alumni plus the wider microlighting community. Lastly, he and his family have bounced back amazingly after the theft of six engines in 2018. Graham is very closely aligned to the needs of the community, but more importantly is doing something amazing about it.

Geoff HillNo one who is a member of the BMAA and in receipt of the monthly Microlight Magazine will not know the joy of this editors editorials the deft skill in compilation of the magazine and the time he spends encouraging authors of articles and refining the resultant papers with great skill and gentle humour. This award is richly deserved for this individual who makes the magazine the heart of the organisation.

Ed McCallum - Introduced loads of people into sport, open, Affable, Adventurous, Built Airfield from scratch(open Field) 1st class clubhouse, hangarage, down to earth flying, very few countries he hasn’t been in, from XL to CT intrepidness of the first order.

Dave Lord - I met Dave a year ago when he returned to the UK to be based in Northampton Sywell. He completed my PPL (m) and not only is he an excellent instructor, but he helped bring many club members (Flylight) together in various ways which has been so positive. He deserves an award due to his professionalism, enthusiasm, charisma and long service to microlighting including for helping to inspire people of all ages and abilities to begin or continue with their flying passion.

Dave & Amanda LordFor bringing life and positive energy back into Microlighting at Sywell, for bringing the community together and enabling people to expand their horizons.

Amanda LordAmanda tirelessly works to promote the BMAA and has achieved that and more, to many (myself included) Amanda has become the 'face' of the BMAA. Her media postings breaking down previous dogma of 'us and them' attitudes...

Frank Thompson - for his service on Council and his management of the BMAA Simulator programme

David Young - for his support in producing the BMAA 3-Axis Check Flying video

Ben Atkinson - for his support in producing the BMAA 3-Axis Check Flying video

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