Steve Hunt Memorial Trophy

 2018 michAEL STALKER

  Michael has been an inspiration to people at Strathaven Airfield with his adventures in a Quantum 912: such as Strathaven to Land's End and back in a   single day, to the Faroe Islands and now from Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast in the USA. With his c2c2c2018 blog, I am sure he is now passing that       enthusiasm and inspiration around the world.

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2012 Richard rawes

Richard Rawes started his flying in gliders and went solo in 1985 before receiving an RAF Flying Scholarship in 1986 where he gained his UK PPL/A. Richard started flying Microlights in 1987 and then in 1994 he did an instructor course and became a Microlight AFI.
During his time in the RAF Richard was the founding Member of Royal Air Force Microlight Flying Association (RAFMFA) and was RAFMFA Secretary, RAFMFA Operations Member, RAFMFA Meridian Microlight Club Founder and Chairman.
Most of Richards flying in Microlights has been when competing in National and International competitions. He started initially in 1990 in the two seat class before changing in 1993 and competing in the solo flexwing class in his Chaser 508.
Richard has had unrivalled success in the solo class winning the UK National Championships in 1994, 1995, 1997, 2000-2001, 2003, 2004, 2005-2006, 2007, 2008 and finally 2011.
Internationally Richard won Bronze In the European Championships in 1995, silver in the World Air Games in 1997, Bronze in the World Championships in 1999, Bronze in the European Championships in 2000 and 2002,Gold in the European Championships in 2006, 2008 and 2010

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2008 Mark Jackson and Eve Jackson

for their flight in January 2008 in a P&M Aviation GT 450 to achieve an altitude of 7395 metres and a time to 6000 metres of 25 minutes and 45 seconds in a flexwing microlight.

Proposed David Bremer and seconded by Joan Walsh

The achievements have been ratified as World records by the FAI and so as well as the BMAA Trophy we can today award the FAI World Record Certificates

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2006 Eddie McCallum

Eddie is leader of the Geordie Moth squadron, who are probably the most travelled microlighters around. By 2005,they had been to no less than 100 European airfields in 23 countries by the time they got back from France and the Iberian peninsular. This year, Eddie and Jason Williams, together with Martin Moseley and his son Neil, followed the Danube from its source to the Black Sea in their trusty SkyRangers, visiting no less than 16 countries in 16 days,and covering 4500 miles. Their dedication, organisation and enthusiasm have taught us that a microlight can get anywhere, from the largest international airports to the tiniest strip; from the sun-baked plains of Iberia to the Arctic Circle; from the Black Sea to the Alps.

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2001 Simon Reeve

For his Flight in a Mainair Blade to Australia that many of you will have read about in Microlight Flying.   Many of us dream about making such flights but few ever turn that dream into a reality. Simon Reeve joins many of the great names of our sport who have previously held this prestigious trophy. 

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