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 2018 doug and mandy coppin 

I have known Doug and Mandy for the past 10 years, as fellow Flyer's and aviation enthusiasts. During that time I have worked alongside them    organising and running the BMAA National flying competition held at Eshott (Eshott Escapades) and their help and professinalism was outstanding. Mandy and Doug decided in 2016 to organise a flying event called “Fly the Tyne” in aid of a North East based charity called “Streetwise” who provide a range of health and wellbeing support services for young people aged 11-25 years. This event was organised with the help of the CAA and Newcastle International Airport who allowed approx 40 microlight aircraft to fly around and through their airspace. This event was a huge success with lots of pilots from all over the British Isles attending and participating. Mandy and her partner Doug decided to organise it again in 2018 but decided to limit the event to 100 microlights (yeah 100). This event was again a great success with attendees from as far away as the Republic of Ireland and a large contingent from Northern Ireland and Scotland. I have participated and flown in both Fly the Tyne events and the amount of time and effort that has gone into organising and running these events must be enormous. This event brings together fellow aviators and enthusiasts from throughout the country and advances the BMAA community greatly. Accordingly, I am writing this because it is my sincere belief that Mandy and Doug are great ambassadors to the flying community and the betterment of mankind.

I nominate husband and wife team Doug and Mandy Coppin for the sterling work they have put into organising the Fly the Tyne charity event. 2018 was the second time Fly the Tyne took place and the first time i attended and witnessed the unbelievable organisation put in behind the scenes to make it such a success. Having negotiated a special dispensation with Newcastle ATC to fly a formation of microlights through the centre of Newcastle’s zone, the very first event went so well that Doug and Mandy were given an almost unlimited number of aircraft that ATC would accept for 2018. With over 100 aircraft registered for 2018 the team created a promotional video you tube video, agreed very detailed plans with ATC including a dedicated controller and use of Newcastle’s Director frequency on the day, they created an instructional video to demonstrate the route and waypoints for all participants and supported that with full route mapping and sky demon routing for everyone to use. The military precision with which Eshott airfield was set out on the day with food, Marshalls, marked parking spaces for 100 aircraft, fuel onsite for everyone, evening entertainment, media coverage both at the airfield and on the Millennium Bridge along the tyne and I've not even started on the marshalled take off procedure all done with seconds accuracy to maintain constant spacing between aircraft and every tenth aircraft reporting to Newcastle ATC. Events like this don't just happen, they take a herculean effort from a very small team led by inspirational people. This was an amazing event for the Streetwise Charity in the North East for which the whole things was first created, it was a fantastic platform for our great sport to be a part of and going by the unbelievable effort that everyone made battling their way from all over the England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales to get to Eshott in less than ideal conditions it was clearly an event that had really captured the hearts of those participating. Doug and Mandy have unquestionably demonstrated their strength as an organising team who are passionate about microlights and have a relentless drive to get things done,

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2017 Dan Subhani

I'd like to nominate Dan Subhani for whichever award you deem appropriate (although I guess that Keith Negal would have appreciated Dan's work the most), for the outstanding effort he's putting into reviving Sandown and the Spamfield microlight rally.
Having worked with Dan most of last year I can vouch first hand for his infectious enthusiasm and ebullient nature! Not only is he putting Sandown back on the map for all types of GA, he's endlessly promoting microlighting in all its forms.
He definitely deserves some recognition for the effort he's put in, and I know it would mean a lot to him to get an award from the BMAA.

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