BMAA chairman's trophy

2008 Keir McCartney

Keir saved the life of student pilot Norman Bellwood by providing medical first aid following a microlight accident at Baxby Airfield.  The medical services have confirmed that Keir's actions were fundamental in saving Mr. Bellwood's life

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2007 Miles Hilton-barber

Miles decided that being blind was no barrier to his ambition to fly a flexwing microlight from England to Australia. He planned the flight and installed instrumentation and flight aids to help him fly the aircraft. With the assistance of both Brian Milton and Richard Meredith-Hardy Miles completed his plan and duly flew his GT450 flexwing microlight to the other end of the world. This achievement is truly worthy of the BMAA Chairman’s trophy that is only given to the most deserving person. Miles’ flight certainly fits the requirements for an outstanding and heroic personal achievement.

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2001 Gordon wilson

Gordon suffered from a serious case of the bends incurred while diving during his service in Cyprus with the Army almost 10 years ago.   I was a member of the same diving club and knew Gordon well as a safe and skillful diving instructor.   The accident which occurred on a planned and properly executed dive was not his fault and left him without the use of his legs for some time.   Discharged from the Army on medical grounds Gordon went to build a new life for himself and his family and a new career, and then in 2000 he decided to learn to fly.   Travelling from his home in Prudhoe across to Cumbria to train with Ian Hogg, Gordon started his training in August and despite the weather completed his training in December.   Ian Hogg tells me that Gordon subsequently handled an emergency when, after removing one wheel during a heavy bounce on an aborted landing, he calmly planned a course of action to get both him and his son back on the ground safely and then executed it perfectly.   As an example of how to rise to a challenge and knock it flat Gordon Wilson takes some beating.

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