Brian Cosgrove Award - for the sport’s unsung hero or heroine winners

 2018 colin johnson

 Colin has provided back up to Fly-UK for as long as can be remembered. Not only did he develop the computer system that is used by everyone to   enrol on the flights, order T-Shirts & Caps, and make payments, but he also developed the Fly-UK locator. This program is designed for low data use on   simple mobile phones so that pilots may record which airfield they have arrived at and where they expect to be that night and the following night. This   lets participants and followers of Fly-UK see the progress that is being made and it gives airfields an indication of who is heading their way so that they   can organise accordingly. A short message may be left by pilots as well as a broadcast message from Fly-UK control, and a map can be seen showing   the route of any aircraft Beyond his computer skills, Colin is always on hand during the event with his toolkit, and has helped many pilots continue the   trip after a technical mishap. He was the ring-leader in a band of 15 pilots who removed a Rans from the most north-westerly beach in Scotland by   dismantling it and carrying the parts for 4½ miles across the Scottish moorland. He is always ready with his spanners or soldering iron, and his fixing of   a bent front brake on a Flexwing at Sark airfield with a claw hammer from his on-board toolkit has become a Fly-UK urban myth!

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2017 Raphael O'Carroll

I would like to nominate the CFI at Kernan Aviation Raphael O'Carroll. Not only is he singularly responsible for the development of microlight flying across the West of Northern Ireland over more years than he would care to remember, his passion for the sport, warmth of character and at times bloody mindedness in the face of outrageous stupidity from local council and neighbours has seen Kernan become, in my mind, exactly how all microlight clubs should be.
I started at Kernan in 2002, have seen the club go from the wee field with a very iffy caravan to what it is today, thriving, friendly, and a part of the community, all communities!
This has all been achieved through the hard work of both Raph and Betty, his wife, and at times through very difficult circumstances. You will have seen in MF how they lost their eldest daughter to brain cancer, a tragedy that few ever recover from. While I know the whole family will carry this for ever, they have also used this to drive on with a plethora of fund raising activities that have engaged all within the club, both flying and non. 

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2012 Garth logan

Day to day management of the NPPL licence activity is delegated to approved organisations by the CAA. The BMAA is an approved organisation and as part of its approval has a responsibility to provide information, guidance and advice to members on matters relating to the medical requirements for NPPL microlight pilots. Dr Garth Logan has filled the role of BMAA Medical Advisor for ten years, the last four unassisted. For no reward he has helped develop the guidance for pilots, helped monitor the system and implement changes for improvement, answered possibly thousands of individual questions and written to many General Practitioners on behalf of members to help them with NPPL medical applications. Recently Garth has helped to select two more NPPL Medical Advisors and has worked with them to maintain a service to members without which the BMAA would not be able to hold the approval.

 Garth continues to support the BMAA as an Organisation Medical Advisor taking an oversight role and providing support to his colleagues. Without Garth's entirely voluntary dedicated input there would be many microlight pilots sitting on the ground without a medical and as such the BMAA Council can see no more fitting reward than the Brian Cosgrove Award,  "awarded to the sport's unsung Hero or Heroine" to show its appreciation and to say thank you on behalf of the members.

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2008 Noel Alms

For his work in raising, through his microlight interests, over £100,000 for cancer charities.

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2007 Pete scott

Pete is a long term BMAA member, who has controlled the marshals and marshalling at each Spamfield since day one.

Pete Scott is nominated as the representative, and on behalf of, all the marshals and volunteer staff who assist at the event and without whom the event would not go ahead as smoothly as it does. Pete Scott's involvement, and that of the many volunteers, has been key to the success, and safety, of the event.

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2006 Rob Hughes

Rob served as an FAI steward at the World Microlight & Paramotor Championships at Levroux last year and at Nördlingen and Chozas de Abajo this year. At each of these events his energy, enthusiasm and commitment, coupled with his ability to speak several European languages, made him an invaluable member of the organising team. He has recently taken on responsibility for the BMAA website. However, it is for his role in the Sports & Leisure Aviation Show since it moved to the NEC, last year as an assistant and this year as the key player, that the BMAA owes him its greatest debt. He has given a great deal of his time to this task and if it is a success it is in no small measure due to his efforts.

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2001 john moore

Organiser of the Spamfield event in 2001 and the follow on event in 2002.   John is also distance flying enthusiast, microlight e-group regular and has been known to sup the occasional ale. 

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