Ashley Doubtfire Trophy

 2008 Gerry Breen

For an outstanding contribution to microlight aviation over the many years.
Gerry probably invented the term microlight and certainly was one of the pioneers of the sport. He started one of the first schools in the UK and made appearances all over the country flying the Eagle microlight.
His school in Portugal is one of the best-known establishments training hundreds of British students and many British microlight instructors.
Gerry himself has made valuable contributions to the current training regime as an instructor and examiner.
For the past two years Gerry has been a BMAA Council member continuing his involvement with supporting and developing the sport.
The proposal was made by BMAA member Ginge Sunley and seconded by John Moore.

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 2007 rick goddin

The nominations were lengthy and wide reaching but both concluded that Richard had single-handedly created the Whitehill Farm Aero Club that has been a focus for many BMAA pilots (over 100 members at the last count) to group together and extend their flying experience. Many people have made their first channel crossings, and flown to France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and Italy on Aero Club trips. Newer pilots have benefited hugely from the experience and planning available within the group. Many BMAA pilots operate from small trips and can be quite isolated. The Aero Club provides a friendly and helpful environment for people to meet and exchange ideas.

Rick does this work completely for his own gratification and for no remuneration. He did the same last year, and I know he is already developing a programme for 2008 Apparently Rick is far too modest to admit this and it is believed that his ‘jokey’ side may be a cover for this modesty.

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2006 Bob Perrin

Bob was first co-opted onto the BMAA Council in 1993 and has served as Publications Officer for 13 years. When the BMAA entered the email age he took on the role of Moderator of the eGroups, a task he has undertaken with tact and good humour. When Spamfield started he became involved in its organisation. As the longest serving member of the BMAA Council, and incidentally for a long time the one with the furthest to travel to Deddington, the continuity and good sense he has provided has been invaluable and of great benefit to the membership.

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