Winners Of BMAA Awards


Geoff Weighell - Chief Executive, Chairman, Panel of Examiners Chairman, Examiner, Instructor.
Dr. Bill Brooks
Paul Dewhurst - Vice-Chairman, long time service to BMAA members and to British Microlighting
Liz Douglas 
Eve Jackson - for services to the BMAA
Peter Lovegrove - former BMAA Chief Inspector
Richard Meredith-Hardy - International Microlight Commission President, world adventurer, microlight pioneer

THE BMAA MEDAL OF HONOUR- This is the BMAA's highest award and is given in recognition of long and committed service to the BMAA and to microlighting:

2021  Geoff Weighell
2018  Gerry Breen
2017  Nigel Beale
2015  Gordon Douglas - for founding East of Scotland Microlights and developing it into the largest club in Scotland
2014  Mark Said - for the creation and development of the Island Microlight Club in Malta
2013  Gordon Pill - for the manufacture and maintenance of Thruster Aircraft
2012  Joan Walsh
2011  Paul Dewhurst
2010  David Bremner - for his work as Editor of Microlight Flying magazine
2009  Keith Negal
2007  Bob Perrin
2006  Norman Burr

THE BMAA INDUSTRY AWARD - Awarded to any person, group or company actively working in microlighting in the United Kingdom.

2021  (new award)

THE CHAIRMAN’S TROPHY - Awarded for the first time in 1998 this award is within the gift of the BMAA Chairman "For those who have performed an extraordinary feat in microlighting or given outstanding service to British Microlighters".

2014  Ed McCallum - for flying his CTSW to Oshkosh, Wisconsin (USA) and back
2013  Jon Hilton - for flying to Canada in his Pegasus CT
2011  Dave Sykes - for his solo flight from York (UK) to Sydney (Australia)
2009  Richard Bullock
2008  Keir McCartney
2007  Miles Hilton-Barber
2003  The British Microlight Team
2002  John Lloyd and Steve Winter
2001  Gordon Wilson
1999  Mrs Heather Good
1998  Philip Scott

THE STEVE HUNT MEMORIAL TROPHY - BMAA Council award for an outstanding Microlight Achievement.

2018 Michael Stalker
2016 Richard Rawes - for his consistently world class performances in international competition over many years
2014 Richard Bird & Richard Foster - for flying to Cape Town and back
2013 Deepak Mahajan - for the development of training methods and post-licence training and for hosting European flying tours
2012 Richard Rawes
2011 Dave Sykes - for his solo flight from York (UK) to Sydney (Australia)
2010 Rob Grimwood and John Waite - for their flying in the UK Nationals and European Championships
2009 Jointly to Rob Grimwood, Chris Saysell, Rob & Rees Keene for their winning performances at FAI World Air Games 2009
2008 Mark Jackson and Eve Jackson (not related!)
2006 Eddie McCallum
2004 Richard Meredith-Hardy
2003 Eve Jackson
2002 Jim Pearce
2001 Simon Reeve
2000 Colin Bodill
1999 Hugh Bland
1998 Storm Smith and Rory Jeffes
1997 Keith Ingham, Tom Grieve and Chris Cullen
1996 Jointly to John Hood, Eddie McCallum, Frank Godfrey and Stewart Jackson
1995 Jointly to Barry Underwood, Rob Price, David Crane and Peter Callis
1994 Hugh Knox and Tom Greeve
1993 Steve Slade and Eddie Clapham
1992 Trevor Jones
1991 Anthony M Smyth
1990 David Cook
1989 Neil Hardiman
1988 The British Microlight Team
1987 Eve Jackson
1986 Richard Meredith-Hardy
1985 William Brooks
1984 Peter Davies
1983 Malcolm McBride/Jon Tye

THE BRIAN COSGROVE AWARD  - Awarded to the sport’s unsung Hero or Heroine, particularly for their contribution to local or national clubs or other organisations involved in microlighting.

2020 James Clewer - for his lifetime of commitment to helping others, at his home Kent Microlight Club and across the south east of England
2018 Colin Johnson
2017  Raphael O'Carroll
2015  Jill Douglas the backbone of  East of Scotland Microlights.
2014  Bill Traynor Kean & Pete Clarke have worked tirelessly helping to run the BMAA Flight Simulator.
2013  Gary Oliver. Gary worked very hard helping to build the first BMAA simulator.
2012  Garth Logan. Dr Garth Logan for filling the role of BMAA Medical Advisor for ten years.
2011  Tom Dawson Tom has organised Fly-UK for many years.
2010  Neville Payne for his contribution to Broadmeadows club and flyers.
2009  Len Tanner and Malcolm Finch for their support of the British Microlight Team.
2008  Noel Alms for his work in raising, through his microlight interests, over £100,000 for cancer charities.
2007  Pete Scott for his work at the Spamfield event.
2006  Rob Hughes for his work as an FAI Steward, on the BMAA website and his major role in organising the Sport and Leisure Aviation Show at the NEC in 2006.
2005  Paul Risdale for his work for the Beds and Northampton Club organising events and working as an inspector.
2004  Chris Gurney of Northrepps “International” at Cromer for his “nothing is too much trouble” attitude to microlight pilots.
2003  Keith Negal for his work with WMC2003.
2002  Steve Elsbury for his website work for Spamfield, IAE, recovery database etc.
2001  John Moore for his work organising the “Spamfield” rally on the Isle of Wight.
2000  John Mills for his work on the Round the Wrekin record attempt and his work with the disabled.
1999  Fiona Luckhurst and Raymond Proost for their outstanding work with paraplegics.
1998  Chris Ellis for his outstanding work in organising the Round Britain Rally.
1997  Irene Wells for her outstanding support to members.
1995  Peter Lovegrove for his outstanding work for the BMAA.
1992  Dick Colquhoun for his work on the Landing Area Maps.
1991  Derek Griffin.
1990  David Garrison.
1989  David Young.
1988  Peter Kearsey
1987  David Simpson.
1986  Kelvin Woodard

THE KEITH NEGAL TROPHY - Created in 2010 in honour of the long service that Keith gave to the BMAA. At his request, it is awarded 'For getting things done".

2020 Allan Gilruth - for exception service as a BMAA Inspector in Scotland, especially in the Highlands
2018 Doug and Mandy Coppin. Organisers of 'Fly the Tyne'
2017 Danial Subhani. Organiser of Spamfield Rally at Sandown 2017.
2016 The core organisers of the World Microlight and Paramotor Championships 2016. Rob Hughes, Rob Grimwood, Chris Saysell, John Waite and Frank Thompson.
2015  Rob Keene - This year Rob once again showed innovation with his ‘Franglaise Friendly’ competition, pitching French competitors against us Brits. Such was the success of the event that Rob received many nominations for this award.
2014  Hampshire Microlight Club. - Those who attended the revived Spamfield event at Sandown this summer will know how successful an event this was, and it’s all thanks to the work of the team from the Hampshire Microlight Club, who made all the arrangements in a relatively short period of time. They laid on an excellent weekend for all those who flew in and raised £1000 for charity into the bargain. Keith Negal loved organising events and he would undoubtedly have been proud of them.
2013  Terry Viner - This trophy is “For getting things done”. Terry’s work on developing and then running the BMAA flexwing simulator is a fine example of getting things done.
2011  John Moore  -   For his great work with Spamfield and more recently reviving the RBR. If anyone gets things done, it is BJ.
2010  Kim Taylor - for taking the Wootton Bassett memorial fly-past from concept all the way through to a highly successful event with over 135 microlights paying tribute to the UK's servicemen.

THE PATRICIA ANNE TROPHY - Awarded to "Any lady member who has distinguished herself in either flying or working for microlighting." First awarded in 1993.

2015 Jo Pickles A stalwart member of the BMAA staff.
2012 Joan Walsh Microlight instructor and BMAA Council member.
2011 Sandra Reid Microlight instructor who has raised many thousands of pounds for charity through microlight flying.
2010 Dawn Dewhurst for her selfless and dedicated contribution to the European Microlight Championships in Sywell, England.
2009 Laura Turner for achieving a UK and world paramotor record.
2007 Jansy Kelly. Pilot of the first deregulated sub 115 powered parachute in both the National Competition and the World Championships in China.
2003 Dawn Dewhurst for her work at WMC2003.
2000 Anita Holmes for her achievements as a world championship team member and the help and advice she gives to competition novices.
1999 Eileen Hudson for her outstanding and continuing services to microlighting in the face of personal and business adversity.
1998 Mary Keefe and Tricia CARTER for their impressive performance as the first all ladies team in the Round Britain Rally.
1997 Paula Smith for her years of service to microlighting.
1996 Virginia (Jenny) Concannon for her work with the Robin Hood club and competitions.
1995 Judy Leden for her "Flight for Life" trip to Jordan.
1994 Fiona Luckhurst for her work in teaching disabled pilots to fly.
1993 Mary Edith Keefe of the Northwest club for her outstanding work for the Club and the BMAA.

THE BMAA ENGINEERING TROPHY - Awarded for the best non-professional design submission. First awarded in 2000.

2018 Ralph Chesters
2017  Tony Dowling
2013 Dave Simpson  For the design of a set of rudder and brake controls for a disabled student pilot of a Eurostar.
2012 Chris Wills. For the modifications Chris has made to his Escapade to improve performance in competition.
2011 Bob Bateman For his repair scheme for the boom tube of a Pathfinder.
2010 Geoff Miles  For his modification to the longitudinal trim control system on his X'Air Falcon.
2007 Dave Mullin
2006 Dave Mullin for his submission for build modifications to his Savannah.
2003 Kevin Armstrong
2002 Jim Walker
2001 Terry Dockrell for his Honda-engined Alpha
2000 Paul Jacques

THE BMAA PHOTOGRAPHIC TROPHY - Awarded for the best image published in Microlight Flying magazine.

2020 Balazs Michnay
2019 Aaron Mercer
2018 Wilfred van Beek
2017 Jon Crawford
2016  Paul Haxby
2015  Reuben Howells
2014 Deb Protheroe
2013 “Sunset over Strathaven” by Steve Dovey (Microlight Flying December 2012 issue)
2012 “Where angels fear to tread”, by Clive Mason (Microlight Flying March 2012 issue)
2011 “Why we fly” by Danny Hubbard (Microlight Flying April 2011 issue);
2009 Geoff Hall
2008 Les Hodgson
2007 Dale Wright
2006 Zdenka Wagenhauser
2005 Paul Haxby
2004 Not awarded
2003 Richard Welch
2002 John Sparks
2001 Keith Negal


2009 Tom Dawson for organising Fly-UK
2008 Gerry Breen
2007 Rick Goddin
2006 Bob Perrin