BMAA Member's Area - BMAA Awards

Each year the BMAA Council considers nominations from members for several BMAA awards. The BMAA Council may also make nominations.

THE BMAA MEDAL OF HONOUR. Awarded "In recognition of long and distinguished service to microlighting". BMAA's highest award.

The BMAA INDUSTRY AWARD. Awarded "to any person, group or company actively working in microlighting in the United Kingdom".

THE CHAIRMAN’S TROPHY (The gift of the BMAA Chairman). "For those who have performed an extraordinary feat in microlighting or given outstanding service to British Microlighters".

THE YOUNG PERSON AWARD. To recognise a young person (30 or under) who has significantly furthered the cause of Microlighting either by generating positive publicity for the sport through their activities or through actively encouraging the involvement of others for example by working within their local club to introduce new people to the sport. 

THE STEVE HUNT MEMORIAL TROPHY. Awarded "for outstanding Microlight Achievement". This may be awarded to any BMAA member or group of members, including those actively employed in microlighting.

THE BRIAN COSGROVE AWARD. Awarded "to the sport's unsung Hero or Heroine, particularly for their contribution to local or national clubs, or other organisations involved in microlighting".

THE KEITH NEGAL TROPHY. Awarded "For getting things done".

THE PATRICIA ANNE TROPHY. Awarded to any lady member who has distinguished herself in either flying or working for microlighting. See the article from the May-June 1993 edition of Microlight Flying here.

BMAA ENGINEERING TROPHY. Awarded by the BMAA Technical Office for the best non-professional design submission.

BMAA PHOTOGRAPHIC TROPHY. Awarded to the year's best photograph in the Microlight Flying photo competition.

To see past winners of the BMAA Awards follow this link.

BMAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS includes:•John Holloway Trophy Awarded to the best organised Nationals Round •Class A (Solo) •Class B (Dual) •Novice Shield  •Paramotor champion

To see past winners of the BMAA Competition Awards follow this link.

Do you simply want to say THANK YOU to someone – why not nominate them for a BMAA Certificate of Thanks?

For a list of BMAA members who have been given Royal Aero Club awards, follow this link

To nominate a BMAA member for a BMAA award please complete the form below and submit it for consideration. All nominees must be BMAA members except for the 'BMAA Industry Award'.

Please give as much detail as possible in your nomination. There can be stiff competition for each award and your nomination is the only information that is used to determine the the final recipient. 

Closing date 31 December each year.

Please give your reasons for making the nomination in the box below. Your response will form the basis for award selection and be used in the citation. Maximum: 300 words.

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