BMAA Governance

The BMAA AGM will be held by virtual means on 26 September 2020 starting at 1000

Because of lockdown and the social distancing requirements that were in force in May 2020 the BMAA AGM was postponed. The BMAA Articles of Association require an AGM to be held every year. Changes in regulation now allow us to hold an AGM without having to have physical presence at a particular place. The change was made specifically as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The BMAA AGM will be held using the Zoom application. To attend the virtual meeting you will need to be able to use Zoom which can be accessed using a computer connected to the internet or mobile devices such as tablets and smart-phones. There is an programme/app to set up, so it is best to set up your device before the meeting.

To take part in the meeting you will need to register through this website. You will be sent an invitation to join the meeting by email shortly before the AGM.

The opportunity to ask questions during the meeting will be through the Zoom Chat facility.

An agenda will be published on this page by the 23 September.

To attend the virtual AGM please complete the form below.

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