BMAA Member's Area

To take advantage of these discounts you will need to be logged into the web site and follow this link

Cambrai Covers

Cambrai Covers are offering 5% discounts to BMAA members.       

To view their information pack please follow the link

Sydney Charles - Insurance

We would very much like to help support the members of the BMAA and become their preferred insurance broker for all aviation requirements. Sydney Charles also offers cover for all types of insurance including pilot personal accident, travel, pilot life insurance, airfield liability and the usual types such as household, motor, business insurance etc..

We to offer members of the BMAA a 10% discount on all their insurance requirements.

Metal Seagulls 

Team Metal Seagulls is pleased to share with all BMAA members our encouragement, support and enthusiasm for all things aviation; in addition we will always look after the BMAA family with service and a smile with our custom parts service from our 3-, 4- and 5- axis CNC production facilities/3D printing services. We also offer the full range of ULPower power plants (97 - 220hp), spares and support,  DUC propellers and accessories, and much more....

Wiggleys - Microlight Exam Preparation Question and Answer book and Air Law book

10% off Microlight Exam Preparation Question and Answer book and Microlight Air Law book for all BMAA Members.

QuizAero Ground School Courses

Up to 15% off five day Ground School courses

Andark Diving & Watersports

Up to 15% off the full retail price of stock at Andark Store.  

London Airsports Centre

Discount off the first flying lesson of 1 hour on the Pipistrel Alpha 3-axis microlight aircraft. Normal price £185/hr. Discount price £85/hr
"Join the BMAA and save your membership fee in one go!"

Available to BMAA members and new customers only.

Pooley's - Flight Equipment

We are delighted to offer the BMAA members a special 5% discount on purchases through our website. 

Ozee - Flying clothing

10% discount will be offered across the Ozee range as advertised and priced on our web site. 

Blue Sky Blue

10% discount off all listed products when ordered through the Blue Sky Blue web site.  

Discounts on batteries and starter packs. 

Batteries                                                          Engine Start Packs

Varley Red Top    -    10%                              Red Flash 650    -    10%     

Varley Lithium      -     10%                            Red Flash 1224   -   10%