Bill Davis

Twenty years ago whilst visiting Perth Airport I was asked if I wanted to take a short flight in a ‘Weightshift-Microlight’. When I saw the aircraft I had second thoughts as it was a far cry from the Cessna 172 that I had been flying since 1984 but I climbed aboard anyway. On that day I discovered the thrill of flying. The direction of my life and my career changed forever. After a course of instruction I obtained my Microlight rating and bought my first weightshift aircraft. Not long afterwards I obtained my instructor rating. My next step surprised everyone when I gave up my 20 year corporate career in the electronics industry to pursue life as a full time flying instructor. Since then, I have managed my own successful flying school, teaching on both two and three axis microlights, I have been a BMAA approved check-pilot, and I also obtained an FE rating. The highlight of my Microlight flying career however was working for Batoka Sky in Zambia as their chief Microlight pilot conducting flights over Victoria Falls, conducting wildlife management flights and other aerial services. The past three years on the council has opened my eyes to all the work that goes on behind the scenes to insure that we have a future in Microlight aviation. The BMAA staff work tirelessly on our behalf and I like the fact that the council are always looking ahead to set policy that promotes microlight aviation in all its forms from ‘hot ships’ to simple affordable flying machines. As such, I would like to continue on the council. I believe that with my combined experiences in aviation and in industry I can provide useful input from a business perspective and from the perspective of an enthusiastic Microlight pilot. 

Proposed by Simon Peck, 11415
Seconded by Vince Bull, 12357