MF editorial team

Geoff Hill

MF Editor Geoff Hill is a critically acclaimed author and journalist who’s won multiple national and international awards for feature and travel writing.

His 19 books include humour, travel, self-help and accounts of epic motorbike journeys Way to Go, The Road to Gobblers Knob, Oz and In Clancy’s Boots, recreating the journey of Carl Stearns Clancy, the first to take a motorbike around the world 100 years ago.

His novels are Angel Street, Smith and The Butler’s Son, the best of his collected travel stories are in Where was I again? and his book on learning to fly microlights is This way up.

Norman Burr

Deputy Editor Norman Burr edited the magazine for over 13 years until 1995, when he stepped down to a backroom role as unofficial archivist and official pedant. 

Co-author with Alain-Yves Berger of two editions of the definitive Ultralight & Microlight Aircraft of the World in the 1980s, he was in addition English-language editor of the multi-lingual World Directory of Leisure Aviation for over a decade. 

He is also active in motorsport journalism, with two biographies to his credit, of racing driver John Chatham (Mr Big Healey) and Cosworth co-founder Keith Duckworth (First Principles).

Brendan Digney

Brendan Digney is MF's reporter covering Scotland and Northern Ireland, where he flies a Eurostar out of Kernan airfield. He's a BMAA Silver Wings holder, working on gold, and a keen photographer who's had several MF covers and was second in the magazine's 2022 annual photo competition.

In his professional life, he's an engineer and technologist, which he put to good use in upgrading his Eurostar and writing about the process in MF, and is very keen on promoting STEM opportunities, particularly to get young people into aviation.

Cath Spence

Reporter Cath Spence, MF’s flying vicar, flies out of Blackbushe in southern England in a C42, a Jabiru four-seater, a Cessna, a PA28 or a Slingsby Firefly (so far).

Having got into flying by accident, she and hubby Cameron learned together six years ago and have flown in France, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Eire, New Zealand and Malta. 

She’s mad about all things Wings, led the team of volunteers setting up the new scheme, and is currently trying to get enough time to complete her Diamond Wings.  

When her feet touch the ground, she heads Oxford University’s student incubator, generating new businesses with the wild ideas that the students dream up. She’s happiest with a soldering iron in her hand, and likes to fix the odd aircraft in her spare time. She tells us they mostly work afterwards.

Steve Uzochukwu

Technical contributor Steve came to microlighting after a long time in hang gliding and paragliding, which he is still involved with. His day job is as a broadcast engineer, which he’s been doing since leaving Queen Mary College in the mid-1980s with a degree in avionics.
He flies a Skyranger and helps the Scouts with air experience flights on their Quik GTR, as well as having a flexwing SSDR project in the pipeline.
Before writing for MF, he contributed to the BHPA magazine Skywings and Cross Country, the international free flying magazine. It was via Skywings and the BHPA that he received a Certificate of Merit from the Royal Aero Club for technical writing. He is still an occasional contributor to both magazines.