Microlight Flying Magazine - January 2020


Safety Lawrence Bell on the delicate art of trimming, Class D airspace and evading bad weather,by John Teesdale, All things Wings: News of the Wings awards and Training tips: Be an armchair pilot!

Techtalk Check the history of your aircraft type for clues to potential problems, says Roger Pattrick

In the Cockpit Meet Donald Walker, erstwhile president of the Peruvian ultralight aircraft association

Engine test D-Motor Does this new powerplant have what it takes to challenge Rotax? David Bremner tries out the D-Motor, mounted in a Sherwood Ranger

To fly is to live Once grounded by illness, Anthony Preston returns trepidatiously to the air

A Winter’s Tale Don’t hide your aircraft away: winter can be spectacular, says Paul Kiddell

European tour If it’s Tuesday, it must be Belgium. David Creedy makes a whistlestop tour

Magaluf And why not? Ed McCallum flies to Majorca

40 years ago Norman Burr dusts off the archives and revisits the first-ever Flightline. First in a new series

Farewell, old friend Pete Eichhorn bids a tearful goodbye to his trusty Shadow. It’s gone to a better place, Pete

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