TLAC takes over Medway Microlights

The Light Aircraft Company (TLAC) has acquired the designs and assets of Medway Microlights, including the factory-built Medway SLA Executive (pictured above) and Clipper fixed-wing microlight aircraft.

Norfolk-based TLAC, an A8-1 approved aircraft manufacturer, will also continue to supply spares and supply for Medway’s flex-wing microlights.

Paul Hendry-Smith, managing director of TLAC, said, “The acquisition is a positive move for both parties.

“The Medway types, the SLA Executive and Medway Clipper, both of which are factory-build approved aircraft, add to the TLAC portfolio with a good level of synergy with its existing types.

“Both aircraft are of conventional bolted aluminium tube construction with stainless steel fitments, covered in either Dacron or Xlam and are currently Rotax 912 powered.

“We can see the benefits of offering a competitively priced robust proven three-axis microlight aircraft into the training arena, private owners and groups. The Medway designs have proven themselves in the field, can be upgraded easily for other power plants and potential higher weights in the future.

“We plan to be in production and taking orders in the first quarter of 2019 ready for the beginning of the flying season. A demonstration aircraft will be available from December.”

source - flyer magazine