Return to flying allowed

return to recreational flying is now allowed


Returning to flying after lockdown

 News from the DfT

The Department for Transport has released a statement which in essence opens up recreational flying again in England starting immediately. The change does not apply to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

There are certain conditions that pilots must comply with that have been included as part of a phased approach to returning towards some sort of normal.

It is vital that the conditions are adhered to if pilots are to minimise any risk of cross infection. Please read the statement carefully and plan to protect others as well as yourselves.

Link to statement

Prepare yourself and your aircraft

Earlier this week we published guidance for pilots to consider before taking the first flight after what for many has been an unusually long lay-off. Please reads the guidance and begin your reintroduction to flight very cautiously.


Although recreational flying is about to begin again, many airfields will not be open for a little while. Furloughed staff will need to be recalled and safety procedures established for their safety as well as yours. This is a necessary step and will undoubtedly mean that not everyone can go flying straight away. Please be considerate and understanding.


As well as airfields having furloughed staff, so have many air traffic service providers. It is likely that with low staff levels clearance to enter controlled airspace or other air traffic services will be more limited than usual; bear this in mind when planning your flight and have an alternative plan ready.

Take care, and enjoy your sport again.

Geoff Weighell