From CAA

Following a rapid review we can today confirm that the less than 2,000kg aircraft category, with its reduced list of disqualifying conditions within a Pilot Medical Declaration (PMD), is still an option for national pilot licence holders (subject to the specified operational conditions). Existing PMDs remain valid for the type of licence(s) and aircraft weight limits specified at the time of a declaration.

Earlier this year, in seeking to resolve a longstanding difference between the advice and options for PMDs offered on our website, and the requirements of the Air Navigation Order (ANO), we aligned our website text and online form to that in the ANO. In hindsight we can see this has caused a lot of confusion and we would like to apologise for this. We have updated our website and are in the process of updating the relevant form. We will also be taking steps to regularise this situation for the benefit of those who use PMD in the GA community by issuing a formal exemption which we will keep under review, as we do with all exemptions.