New BMAA Technical Office Phone Policy

New BMAA Technical Office Phone Policy 

Whilst the inclement weather is keeping many of us out of the air, the BMAA’s Technical Office workload has remained high and has certainly showed no signs of slowing down in the short term. This is good news for our membership and the health of the sport in general as it is all in the name of strengthening our microlight fleet. No doubt, the weather will pick up and the real flying season will soon be upon us all. With this in mind, it is important to us that we maintain our high levels of service for the membership as we enter the ‘busy’ season, and you, as members, can help us by playing an important role in this! Starting from Tuesday 2nd April 2024, we will be restricting the hours during the day that the BMAA technical office will be contactable by Telephone. Initially, Technical Office will only available directly between the hours of 9am – 1pm. Callers who ring through to the Technical Office after 1pm are still welcome to leave a message, to which we will respond in due course. Naturally, you may still feel free to email any questions or queries you may have at any time to

For the sake of clarity, this policy applies to anyone who wishes to reach the Technical Office via telephone, not just our members. We genuinely believe that this will improve our overall efficiency as we can focus our efforts on the project work in the afternoon, and be fully present for our members and other callers in the morning; reducing the ‘stop-start’ slowdown of switching between the two. We are also undertaking additional steps to help improve the overall work flow of the Technical Office, but this change in telephone policy is one of the ways the membership can directly support us.

As a reminder, you can also use WIMPS (Where is my paperwork) on the BMAA website to check the progress of any projects or paperwork that you have submitted to the BMAA, and this is includes Technical Office projects. Simply scroll to the bottom of any BMAA web page to find this feature.

We do welcome feedback on this as it is important that this does work for our membership. We thank you in advance for your continued support and understanding, and wish you good fortune with the weather so we can look forward to seeing you in all in the air as soon as possible!    

Many thanks

Roger, Rob and Mark

BMAA Technical Office Team