Light Sport Microlight (600kg) category takes off

Light Sport Microlight (600kg) category takes off

On 19th November 2021, BMAA issued the first permits in the new Light Sport Microlight (600kg) class, thereby fully introducing this new class of microlight to the UK.

Less than three months since the Air Navigation Order was amended and even before the new design code, BCAR Section S, has been agreed by CAA, the BMAA Technical Office took a pragmatic approach, using existing design codes and collaborating closely with the supplier to eliminate unnecessary delay.

The first two aircraft Light Sport Microlights (LSMs) are both Eurofoxes, G-PLOT and G-UNNN, with a MTOM of 560kg.

Roger Cornwell, Director of Ascent Industries, the UK Eurofox agent, said: "We are very grateful for all the hard work and commitment of the BMAA, particularly Roger Patrick and Rob Mott, who are always so supportive and a great asset to our microlighting community”.

BMAA is delighted to work with Eurofox and with many other suppliers of new LSM aircraft in the UK. 

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