GASCo/CAA Safety Evening Webinare

GASCo/CAA Safety Evening Webinar on 10th December 2020, 7:00 to 8:30 pm


In this webinar, we will look at a selection of topical safety issues drawn from recent accident and occurrence reports as well as covering some of the enduring causal factors in fatal accidents. The evening will be slanted towards gliding, but the subject matter will be applicable to all members of the General Aviation community.


The webinar will be hosted by GASCo Chief Executive, Mike O'Donoghue accompanied by Regional Safety Officers John Steel and Nils Jamieson. The distinguished line-up of visiting speakers includes, Pete Stratten, Chief Executive of the British Gliding Association; Human Factors expert, Professor Michael Bagshaw, and Rachael Caston, Director of the UK Airprox Board.


The Safety Member of Bannerdown Gliding Club, Ted Richards, heads our team of panellists consisting of Tim Freegarde from the BGA's Safety Committee together with Jon Arnold and Ian Harris from Bannerdown GC and others.


The evening will consist of presentations from the GASCo team and visiting speakers including a short question and answer sessions during which the panellists will suggest and offer flight safety advice on how the threats identified can be mitigated.

Webinar Speakers

Professor Michael Bagshaw

Chairman of The General Aviation Safety Council (GASCo)

Michael Bagshaw is the Chairman of GASCo. An internationally recognised expert on Aviation Medicine and Human Factors, he is the author of many books and articles on these subjects. Dr Bagshaw is a Professor of Medicine at King’s College London, London. Michael is a very experienced pilot with thousands of hours flying in a wide variety of aircraft types from fast jet aircraft and business jets to light aircraft. He is a current flight examiner and instructor on SE and ME aeroplanes.


Rachael Caston

Director of the United Kingdom Airprox Board

I joined the RAF in 1996 and retired after 24 years (and I day) on the 12 Feb 2020. My first experience of flying was as an Air Cadet and I recall spending endless summer days waiting for that opportunity to get in a chipmunk for an air experience flight – I was hooked! I won a flying Scholarship at 16 and obtained my PPL just after my 17th Birthday. On leaving school I went to Bristol University to study Aeronautical Engineering and whilst there I became a member of the University Air Squadron. I joined the RAF as a pilot in 1996 and was posted to fly the Hercules on my first Sqn – 47 Sqn in 1999. My specialty was in low level tactical flying, and I became a tactical instructor qualified to teach all skill sets ranging from beach/field landings by day and by night to high altitude Parachute dropping and everything in between. In the UK, my flying time was predominantly in Class G airspace conducting training missions in the low level and medium level environments.


Pete Stratton

Chief Executive of the British Gliding Association

Pete, the BGA’s Chief Executive, has worked professionally in the sport since 1990. He began gliding at 14, flies an ASW20 from Windrushers GC at Bicester and is an active instructor and inspector


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