English Channel Airspace Restrictions

Danger over the Channel

Several airspace restrictions and a temporary danger area will be put in place over the English Channel from 2 May to 30 August to accommodate a large Remotely Piloted Aircraft conducting atmospheric research.

The Skeldar V-200 will be operated on behalf of the European Maritime Safety Agency to survey emission from ships passing through the English Channel.

The four areas of restricted airspace fall within French airspace, and the Temporary Danger Area in high seas airspace in the London flight information region.

The CAA said the impact on VFR traffic would be reduced by turning the different restrictions off and on as they are used by the RPA.

The French Aeronautical Information Services will deactivate either the north region restrictions (R402 and R403) or south (R401 and EG D098) when not in use. This will allow lower than 1,500ft transits between the UK and France.

For full details, see the UK AIP SUP 016/2019 and the French AIP SUP 081/2019, and obviously check Notams before you fly.