Council Elections - Giles Fowler

BMAA Council Elections 2024

Only one candidate stood for Council in the elections this year and was therefore duly elected. 

We welcome Giles Fowler to the board of directors of British Microlight Aircraft Association Ltd. Giles' election text was as follows:

I can bring relevant aviation linked experience to the position of director on the BMAA Council having had a successful career in the RAF. 

I started flying at the age of 14, in 1993 where I solo-ed at Tibenham gliding club with a desire to fulfil a childhood dream of becoming an airline pilot, which I wasn’t able to achieve due to life circumstances. In 1996 I was awarded the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators flying scholarship and continued to fly Cessnas, Motor gliders, anything I could get my hands on, until I joined the Royal Air Force in 2001. 

 During my time in the RAF as an Airframes Technician working on VC10s, I was heavily involved with the Air Training Corps (ATC) for fourteen years as a Service Instructor and also supported the ATC Volunteer Gliding Schools that help promote aviation with the youth. During the latter part of my RAF Career, I commissioned into the Logistics Branch, working as part of a team supporting rotary and transport aircraft operations worldwide. 

In 2022 I was privileged to be awarded the BMAA Flying Instructors (Flexwing) bursary and I am now a full time Flying Instructor with Micro Aviation based in Derbyshire. I absolutely enjoy being around the microlight community, where I am working on a daily basis, to keep aircraft in the air. 

I genuinely wish to return the support I have been given by the BMAA to keep the skies clear and safe for all of its members. If I am elected to the BMAA Council, I hope my previous aviation technical experience, flying experience, leadership and teamwork will ensure I bring to the Council a unique perspective for the benefit of the BMAA, its members and ultimately the wider aviation community.