BPRS Placards - MPD 2019-005

BPRS Placards - MPD 2019-005

The CAA issued Mandatory Permit Directive (MPD) 2019-005 on 10 April.  This affects all BMAA aircraft with a Ballistic Parachute Recovery System (BPRS) fitted.

The MPD requires new-design external warning placards and markings to be fitted. 

The BMAA has arranged for placard sets to be printed covering all the external markings required by the MPD, which we have now ordered.  These will be available for purchase on the BMAA shop soon.

The effective date of the MPD is 15 May 2019, and the placards must be fitted by the next annual, or 100-hour, inspection after that date.  The MPD is now available on the CAA website.  BMAA TIL 063 has also been updated accordingly (issue 2.1).

BMAA TIL 063 Ballistic Parachute Recovery System