BMAA Issues Pilot Licenses

From 29th July the BMAA will begin to issue pilot licenses for microlight pilots.

Although applications for adding a microlight rating to an existing licence, or removing Operational Limitations from an existing licence, will still be processed by us as up to now, we will not be issuing the rating or amended licence. Those tasks will still be carried out by the CAA; so no change for those.

There has been no increase in fees due to the change, however applicants who are registered as BMAA members at the time of application benefit from a £20 discount on the full fee when applying for an initial licence. Another reason for student pilots to join the BMAA whilst training.

For simplicity we have amended the fee structure so that for initial applications there is no separate fee payable to the CAA. Please see the table below.


BMAA Fee £

CAA Fee £

Initial Licence application

165.00 *


Initial Licence application with BMAA Member discount



Addition of a microlight rating to a NPPL or PPL 

62.00  *


Removal of Operational Limitations  (BMAA Fee)

62.00 *


Reappraisal of a rejected licence application

60.00 *


When applying for a licence BMAA fees can be paid through the BMAA Shop. Follow this link to make payments.