BMAA is moving!

BMAA relocates to Adderbury

We're moving! The BMAA office is relocating from Deddington to nearby Adderbury in May 2023.

The BMAA has been based in the village of Deddington (between Banbury and Oxford) since we bought 'Trek House' in 1997. Trek House is not a modern office building but converted from having been a shop in its past. Today, it is suffering from a range of problems, such as damp, single glazed aluminium windows, badly bent and uneven floors... and more.

We were facing a large bill for refurbishing to an acceptable standard - many tens of thousands of pounds - which would not ultimately add value, so we looked at our options. 

Trek House has one value as a commercial space but another, much higher value if it were developed for residential flats. We could sell Trek House, buy a modern office building and actually have a small amount of money left over for other updates such as replacing the old server which we depend on every day.

The availability of office space in this area is really poor but, after a year of searching, we have bought a modern office on a nearby business park. We have also sold Trek House (STC) to a developer for a higher price than the new office. 

The new address is 6 Somerville Court, Banbury Business Park, Adderbury, OX17 3SN and is just 3 miles up the road. We expect to move in on Wednesday 10 May and more details will follow. 

And... before you ask... the budget was not big enough to buy an airfield (by a factor of 10) and no local airfields have suitable premises for us to move into. If that were to change in the future, we'd be able to look again at our options.

Rob Hughes, BMAA CEO