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"If you fly a microlight, you should be a member of the BMAA". That's not us talking; that's a whole host of senior microlighters, instructors, manufacturers and suppliers up and down the UK.

The BMAA is the body of people that represents you and helps you to fly. We are run by members and comprise volunteers and staff who are passionate about microlighting. We are not-for-profit and scrutinise every cost to keep fees as low as possible.

We offer advice on licensing and technical matters. We process permits, modifications and repairs and we answer the phone when you need help. Our service levels are very important to us; we deliver permits and licences directly from our offices, saving you time and money when other organisations have to relay your applications to the CAA.

We represent your interests when talking to the CAA, the Department for Transport, the airspace authorities and other regulators. Airspace is the biggest single issue threatening our flying; who is putting your views to those who decide our future? We sit in meetings where these decisions are made - and we negotiate, discuss, argue and, if necessary, fight for you. 

We have also lobbied for law changes: we petitioned for 600kg and also the SSDR class, helping to write the rules that now allow SSDR flyers their freedom. These are just two examples, you can read what former CEO Geoff Weighell also achieved here.

We also offer a wide range of other activities and member benefits - see the link below for more details.

Join us and support microlighting in the UK. Without us, you would not have the representation, support and advice that we offer and - more importantly - you would have to access your services directly from the CAA whose fees and service levels are less attractive - and you would not have the same level of representation that the BMAA provides.

We are better together, be proud to be a member of the BMAA!

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