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Aviation Fire Training

This course can be used as a credit in the BMAA wings scheme.


As with first aid, knowledge of fire safety is very helpful when operating an or being around aircraft.  Do you know how to assess a fire, let alone tackle one?  Can you identify different types of extinguisher and would you know which one would be most appropriate to use depending on the circumstances?  Well again here is your opportunity to learn about fire safety and gain those essential skills that could make all the difference.

Content / Overview

You will learn about the following topics, including participating in practical elements:

  • How to take a proactive approach to fire safety.

  • Understanding the classes and categories of fire.

  • Understand what actions to take on discovering a fire and raising the alarm.

  • Fire signage meanings and requirements.

  • What escape routes are available and how to evacuate a building effectively.

  • The types and correct use of all current extinguisher and understanding the limitations and safe use of extinguishers.

  • The use of Marshals and Wardens at private and public events.

The course concludes with practical exercises of ‘hot’ training, which involves tackling a Class A fire (solids) and Class B fire (liquids) such as fuel or oil using appropriate extinguishers.

Recognised Qualification

On successful completion of this course you will gain a recognised qualification in fire safety awareness, with a registered certificate. This course is fully certified as a FAA (First Aid Award) Level 1 training course and is valid for life.

Aviation Relevant

Delivered with flying in mind by giving specific examples and scenarios.  We have taken topics and applied them to the aviation environment.  The course will consider places such as aircraft hangars/workshops (used for inspections, storage and maintenance) as well as general airfield operations for clubs and flying schools, generally covering all aspects of airfield life and the types of issues that can occur.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone engaged in the business of flying, in particular instructors, school operators, inspectors and check pilots.  Naturally these courses are highly suitable for anyone involved in flying, regardless of what they actually fly.


First Safety Training - Cambridge

The provider of this course is a current and enthusiastic Microlight pilot, who previously served in the RAF.  He is a fully qualified and certified health and safety practitioner, teacher and assessor with nearly two decades of experience in the safety and training industry.


The Gliding Centre

Husbands Bosworth Airfield, Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire, LE17 6JJ


BMAA Members - £65 (+vat)

Non-members - £80 (+vat)

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