Wings Navigation

For each Wings award level you must complete a cross country flight. The details of each flight are pre-planned and then your actual performance is judged against your planning. Your flight must be recorded using the form appropriate for the level of award that you are applying for. You can see and example of a completed form, and download a blank form from the list below.

For clarity, the navigation flights must be pre-planned and recorded on the appropriate navigation Flight Plan form. This means that you cannot just pick out old flights from your logbook. These are flights that will have to have been completed after the launch of the Wings scheme in February 2019.

Please read the Notes on the Flight Plan form. 

1.       Ensure you complete the minimum distance, airfield visits and waypoints for each navigation task. Remember the flights must be completed within certain time scales (one, two or three days).

2.       For each leg of the flight enter one planned Waypoint along the route, no less than 20 Nm from each departure airfield, and the planned time at that point.

3.       Departure time is the time that the aircraft sets course for the next Waypoint or Airfield. It is not the brakes-off or take-off time.

4.       Arrival time is the time that the aircraft arrives overhead the Waypoint or Airfield, or the time that the aircraft joins the airfield traffic pattern.

5.       Hand a copy of the plan to your BMAA observer prior to departure. Complete actual times and fuel use after the flight.

6.       Flight times achieved must be within 20% of planned times. Fuel use must also be within 20% of planned use.

7.       A BMAA approved observer is a person known to and trusted by the BMAA (such as a fellow BMAA member, flight instructor or inspector would be ideal). The observer should be a pilot or other person familiar with navigation tasks.