Wings Levels And Achievements 

The Wings scheme has four levels of award. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. To qualify for each level the pilot will gain achievements from a selection of flight, educational and safety tasks. After the first Bronze Award each level becomes slightly more demanding encouraging pilots to expand their skills and knowledge, whilst having fun and becoming a “better pilot”.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond

The Achievements

The achievements are divided into three categories, Safety, Flight Skill & Education. 

Choose from any of the following requirements, please contact the BMAA if you have suggestions for additions:


         Aviation First Aid
             Air Traffic Control Visit
         GASCo Safety Evening
             BMAA Safety Events
         GASCo Weather
         GASCo Ditching Course
            AAIB Visit (contact BMAA for details)
           NATS Visit (contact BMAA for details)
         Duxford Safety Day
         RMets "Weather for PPL holders"

Flight skill

         BMAA Strip Skills
         BMAA Circuit Matters
            Controlled Airspace Course

Mountain Flying Course

Different Control Types

   - Flexwing 

   - Fixed wing

   - Powered Parachute

Light Aircraft

         FAI Colibri Award

BMAA Open Series Comp
600kg differences training

  - VP Prop 
  - Retracts
  - Tailwheel

  - Avionics / EFIS / Autopilot

  - Electric


            Check Flying
        CFS Aero iRMT
        LAA Courses
        Flying Abroad
        GASCo Weather

Weather School

Human Factors

        R/T Refresher

ROCC / AGCS (Radio Operators Certificate of Competence / Air-Ground Comms Service)


FI(R) Course

TLAC Oratex Course

SkyDemon Masterclass

Flight Schools

Any Flight School interested in joining the BMAA Wings Scheme and becoming a course provider can click here to join:

Course Providers

Do you run an aviation related course that could work with the BMAA Wings Scheme?  Please click here to send the details for consideration:

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