BMAA Wings Award Scheme

Designed to encourage BMAA members to continue to improve their flight planning, their aircraft handling skills and their understanding of aviation safety. The aim throughout is for the BMAA member to become a safer and “better pilot”. 

The BMAA Wings Award Scheme currently has four levels of award. BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and DIAMOND. To qualify for each level the pilot will gain achievements from a selection of flight, educational and safety tasks. After the first Bronze Award each level becomes slightly more demanding encouraging pilots to expand their skills and knowledge, whilst having fun and becoming a “better pilot”.


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WINGS Hall of Fame!

Congratulations to the following for achieving Diamond and Gold level awards:


David Cawdery
Peter Griffiths
Stuart Waite
Tam Carr

Well done to everyone with Silver and Bronze awards too!


Wings Awards achieved as of April 2022

Your WINGS Certificate is waiting for you...

WINGS - Frequently Asked Questions


The Wings Scheme has been around for a while so what’s new in Wings 2.0?

Well, the BMAA has been gathering feedback from people working towards Wings as well as those who have not. We’ve had a lot of input and a team of volunteers has been set up to support the folks at HQ in extending the options available for Wings modules. The basic requirements are still the same.

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Here’s the summary of what we’ve done:

  • Exciting New Courses: The team has written lots of new and exciting content for WINGS 2.0, with yet more to come. We’ll be running some in person and some online material to make this accessible to all. Time allowed for courses has been increased to three years (36 months).

  • More Providers: The scheme now has upwards of 30 course providers and growing. We have providers in all corners of the UK (Cornwall, Wales, England, Scotland & NI) plus some in foreign lands, such as Spain! We’re always ready to sign up more. Providers get access to all the material and can offer courses to the whole BMAA membership through BMAA HQ.

  • Improved Navigation Task: A new a simple method to reduce the navigation distance for aircraft with a cruising speed of 60knots/70mph or less. Improvements to the application process whereby BMAA can now accept GPS files (.kpx). It is now possible to also send BMAA your navigation plan prior to take-off, we can act as your 'observer' if no one else can help. Time allowed for the navigation tasked has been increased (Bronze - one day, Silver - two days, Gold - three days & Diamond - five days).

  • Community Spirit: You can now register interest in Wings Scheme. This means we can send out details of courses and seminars coming up as well as those all-important discounts on courses offered by external providers which we’ve negotiated on your behalf. Plus, we’ll keep you updated with new courses as they become available. A brand new Facebook page purely for Wings where you can ask questions, post pictures and videos, get stuck with your own award level or help others with theirs. BMAA will be hosting a new series of 'Club Nights' on a variety of topics. Facebook/BMAAWINGS

  • Special Modules & Self study: We’ve added some exciting material on Single-pilot Resource Management (SRM) which is available free to all BMAA members. This can be done as a self-study at no cost, however, if you prefer to work with others, it can be run by club or through a flight school. Schools & clubs will make a charge for their time & facilities. There’s no end-of-study test but there is a fabulous wealth of experience pulled together by Microlight pilots for Microlight pilots from the best practice in professional single pilot cockpit. Management. We’ve made completion of the SRM module compulsory for Bronze and the Advanced SRM module for Gold.

  • 600kg Ready: We’ve added the 600kg differences training as Flight Skills and are planning some new bite sized modules to make sure there’s plenty of variety. Fixed-wing or flex-wing doesn’t matter, and we’ve even adjusted the navigation exercise to allow for slower craft.

  • One thing we haven’t changed: You can do Wings without spending a fortune! Many of the safety modules can be completed without any cost, while there are some more pricey options on the course list, there plenty which are not; Microlighting is about safe, affordable flying.

  • More, more, more! The team has so much more planned, the WINGS Award Scheme is just going to keep improving!


Can I use GPS in this scheme?
YES! We encourage the use of moving maps with an airspace alerting system (to help prevent the likelihood of infringements).

How do I apply for an award?
Please use the appropriate link above under 'APPLY FOR AN AWARD'


Can I use a flight flown before the Wings scheme was launched?
No. As the Wings Navigation achievements require the pilot to declare planned duration and fuel use before the flight, handing that declaration to their observer, it is not possible to use flights flown before the scheme opened in February 2019.

Who classes as an 'approved' observer?
A BMAA approved observer is a person known to and trusted by the BMAA (such as a fellow BMAA member, flight instructor or inspector would be ideal). The observer should be a pilot or other person familiar with navigation tasks.

Can I use GPS enabled devices, such as SkyDemon?
YES! We encourage the use of moving maps with an airspace alerting system. You will still need to plan the flight and fly accurately to the plan. That part of the task is down to pilot skill.

How do I measure my fuel use?
Calculating fuel requirement as part of the pre-flight planning is a necessary part of all flight planning so this is not unique to the Wings flights.

When calculating the fuel that you will use remember to add enough for the take-off and landing phases of your flight; not just the en-route leg time. You are not limited to taking only the calculated amount of fuel with you; you can take as much as you like. However the skill is in planning how much you will actually use by knowing your fuel consumption and flying an accurate plan.

If your fuel tank is not already suitably calibrated we suggest that before you fly you mark the sight gauge or tank with your fuel level and then on return top up the tank to the same level, noting how much fuel you have to put in. Obviously for the longer flights you may add fuel during your journey, so keep a note of fuel added and include that in your final calculation.

Can I take someone on the flight with me?
Yes, that is allowed. However remember that the Wings scheme is about your own ability and there is nothing to be gained by having someone else do any of the planning or navigation for you.

Does the length of the flight have to be exactly 100, 200, 300 or 500 NM?
No, the length of the flight for each level of award is the minimum distance to qualify for each award. You can fly further than the minimum. Slower aircraft can reduce the minimum distance using the basic formula describe in the guidance material for each level.

How do I prove that I have completed the flight?
You must record your actual duration and fuel use on the navigation record form and have the form signed by your observer. You then send the form into the BMAA with your application form. There is no point in a pilot falsifying the application; they would only be cheating themselves. To note you can also send a copy of a GPS track to supplement the application.


What classes as an ATC visit?
An Air Traffic Control unit that containing a FISO (Flight Information Service Officer) would be the minimum. Anywhere responsible for controlled airspace would be ideal (such as Class D).

I completed a BMAA Pilot Course, prior to the launch of the Wings Scheme, can this be used towards an award? 
Yes. Only up to 36 months prior to the application for an award.

How do I arrange to visit the AAIB?
BMAA is currently in discussing this with the AAIB, we hope to have more information shortly.  

Please register your interest by emailing


Can Flight Diplomas be conducted as a part of a licence revalidation (biennial flight with an instructor)?
Yes, as long as the instructor is approved to do so.

What classes as Controlled Airspace for the Flight Diploma?
Defined as a Class D airspace crossing, Brize would be a typical example. A syllabus is being prepared for this Flight Diploma.


I completed a BMAA Pilot Course prior to the launch of the Wings Scheme, does this count? 
Yes. Only up to 36 months prior to application for an award.

Please email your question to