What Is Single Seat Deregulation?

Essentially, a single-seat Microlight aeroplane must:

  • Be an aeroplane. This includes powered parachutes and self-launching motor gliders, but does not include gliders (including self-sustaining gliders), rotary-wing aircraft (helicopters and gyroplanes), or lighter-than-air machines (balloons and airships).
  • Only have a single-seat, and must only be flown with one person (the pilot).
  • Not take-off weighing more than the single-seat Microlight weight limit. This is 300 kg for a landplane, 315 kg for a landplane with an airframe mounted total recovery parachute system, and 330 kg for a seaplane or amphibian.
  • Have a stall speed (or minimum flying speed) not exceeding 35 knots calibrated airspeed. This is equivalent to 40 mph or 65 kph.

For more information on SSDR aircraft please see: BMAA Technical Information Leaflet 045 - SSDR Handbook

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