Pilot Licensing For Microlights

Instructor Bulletins

Published by the Panel of Examiners

1-2023 FI [R] M pre-entry Microlight hours requirement reduction

1-2022 Eventualities, checks and the POH and diagonal restraints in flexwings

1-2021 General update
5-2020 Examination Extensions correction.
3-2020 Returning to flying after Covid-19
2-2020 Guide to validity extensions following Covid-19

2-2017  CAA Skyway Code. CAA Skywise. Ghosting students on cross country flights. 2017 Air Law examination papers.
1-2017  Guide updates. Microlight hours towards SEP.  Exam update. Form 102 M Update
4-2016  Changes to the validity period of solo flight hours. Changes to the requirements for adding a control type to an instructor certificate (rating)
3-2016  Changes to instructor revalidation procedures. The new NPPL and PPL microlight medical declaration system. NPPL(A) class ratings.
2-2016   Changes affected by the new Air Navigation Order.
1-2016   BMAA Instructor and Examiner Guide Amendments. Renewing Examiner Authorities. CAA Exemption ORS4 1155 Use of Type Approved. Microlights for Flight Instruction and Self-Fly Hire. 2016 Instructor Seminar.
Extending the Validity Period of Microlight Ratings. Revalidating Ratings other than for the NPPL (A) M. Changes to Log Book Annotations. for the ‘Partial Pass’ Result on Tests. The Group D Aircraft Rating, history and consequences.  Advice to Applicants for FE Authorities and FIC Instructor Appointments. Remembering to maintain Examiner Authorities and Instructor Ratings.
Microlight FE Authorisations and NPPL/PPL (A) M Renewals.