Instructor And Examiner Information

As part of its NPPL Organisation Approval commitments the BMAA sends out information to Microlight Instructors and Examiners that the BMAA believes is of benefit to people in those roles.

Examples of the information sent out:

  • Instructor Bulletins developed by the BMAA Training Committee or the Microlight Panel of Examiners
  • Requests for opinions when developing documents or changes to practice
  • Information received from the Civil Aviation Authority that is pertinent to Microlight pilot training
  • Statistics related to Microlight pilot training
  • Notices of events that have specific training interest
  • Instructor and Examiner employment opportunities

The BMAA maintains a contact list for Instructors and Examiners which is used disseminate general information as outlined above. The list is not shared with any other individual or organisation.

Changes to the way that Personal Data is stored and used are to be introduced on 25 May 2018. The changes require that we have specific permission to send out this type of information using the contact details that we hold, which were initially obtained for personal matters contact only.

If you wish to be included on the Instructor and Examiner contact list, and so receive general information, you must Opt-In giving permission for your personal data to be used for this purpose. You can request to be removed from the contact list at any time.

To Opt-In please complete the form below. 

If you choose not to Opt-In you will no longer receive general information from the BMAA.

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