Pilot Licensing For Microlights

Instructor Information

Differences Training guidance 03/2021

Definitions Instructor ratings and Examiner authorities explained 

Becoming an instructor  Guidance on the requirements and stages in becoming an instructor

Flexwing Instructor Bursary Guidance on how to apply for Bursary

FIC List  Contact list for Microlight Flying Instructor Course Instructors

Instructor Form 1  Application form for a Microlight Instructor test

Instructor Form 2  Application form for a Microlight Instructor test to add a control type

Instructor Test booking form  Application form to make a booking for a Microlight Instructor test

Permission form  To allow an examiner to view previous Instructor Test reports

FIE List  Contact list for Microlight Flying Instructor Examiners

FICI form  Application form for Flying Instructor Course Instructor approval

Fees  For licensing and instructor and examiner activity

Student record  An example of a student record form

Cross Country certificate  An example of a Cross Country certificate

Ground Oral record   A blank record sheet for the NPPL ground oral examination

Instructor Newsletters published by the BMAA Training Committee

Instructor & Examiner Guide The definitive publication for Microlight Instructors and Examiners, produced by the BMAA Panel of Examiners

Instructor Bulletins published by the Panel of Examiners

School Listing Form complete the form to add your school to our website listings

FAQs. To read our frequently asked questions page for FIs and FI[R]s, follow this link.

Logbook entry guidance For best practice on logbook entries for your students

School Requisition Form - BMAA Literature

Payment Options - Instructor and Examiner Payments