FRTOL applications

Holders of a UK NPPL with Microlight Class rating are not legally obliged to hold Flight Radio Telephony Operator's Licence, unless they plan to use a radio fitted in the aircraft.

If your flight plans include long-distance flights, and/or take you anywhere in the proximity of controlled airspace, you should apply for a FRTOL. Your Microlight instructor should be able to assist with this process.

All FRTOL applications must now be completed online only, through the CAA website. Information on requirements and digital application form found here.

Applying after you have received your BMAA-issued NPPL will waive the fee normally associated with the FRTOL application. It will subsequently be issued as a separate standalone document by the CAA, to be retained alongside your BMAA NPPL.

Existing FRTOL holders requiring English Language Proficiency

If you have submitted your FRTOL or pilot's licence to the CAA for any reason (for example an address change), the CAA may hold up the reissue of the document until you demonstrate English Language Proficiency to level 4 or above.

The reason they will do this is that you attained a FRTOL prior to the new ELP requirements being implemented. Rather than order everyone to relinquish their existing radio licences, the CAA simply keep a record, and use your current application as a pretext to demanding the ELP be demonstrated.

There is no way to avoid this if you wish to continue using your radio, so check out this link for further information on how to satisfy these requirements.