Licence Conversion And Credits FAQs

• When will I have to convert my NPPL to a LAPL?

There is no obligation to convert your UK NPPL to a LAPL if you only intend to fly Microlights. This conversion would apply to people wanting to fly heavier aircraft in Europe, or move up to commercial flying. In this case, contact the LAA for further information.

• I have a licence with ratings on other aircraft types. What credit can I get for converting to a UK NPPL?

Please consult our cross-credit document to find your relevant licence or experience  and e-mail a full scan of your licence(s)/experience to confirm requirements.

• I hold a foreign Microlight licence but have moved to the UK. How can I convert to a UK NPPL?

The BMAA has worked out a standard credit, providing your licence is State-issued and ICAO-approved with Single Engine Piston rating or equivalent, or alternatively State-issued with Microlight or Ultralight class rating. Please send a request and full scan of your licence to for accurate information.

• I was undertaking flying training in Australia, but moved to the UK before I could complete it. What credit can I get for this experience?

Unfortunately, no credit is available for any incomplete flying training or exams in foreign countries.

• I’ve heard I can fly some Microlights without a licence. Is this right?

It is true that some Microlights don’t require a pilot’s licence to fly (though this should not mean no training). In the past, this only applied to foot-launched Microlights, but an exemption has now been granted to incorporate sub-70kg machines with wheels. Technically, these are not defined as Microlights, but as Self-Propelled Hang Gliders with wheels. Details of the exemption can be found here

More information on sub-70kg training can also be found here.