Finding An Instructor Or Examiner FAQs

Advice on finding the right school for you

• How can I find the nearest school to me?

From our geographical search page.

• I'm looking for a Flight Examiner near to me. Can you give me a list please?

Data protection law prohibits us from disclosing this information, but a list of current Flight Examiners is available (though sadly not their location) from the CAA website.

• I’ve been stung in the past and just want to check my Microlight instructor’s credentials for my own peace of mind, but I don’t know what to look for. What should I expect?

Have a look at the example document on the page below, with highlighted areas to look for. The example document below is the most common form, but your instructor may alternatively have an EASA Flight Crew Licence, with their rating being printed as FI (A). As long as this, or the below are entered with an examiner’s signature and expiry date in the future, you can be assured they are valid flying instructors.

• I like to do my research and wish to check my Examiner’s credentials for peace of mind. What should I look for?

I have included my own authority for an example. I hold ‘R’ examiner status, but you will also see other higher authorities (Ground and Revalidation Examiner, Flight Examiner, Flying Instructor Examiner), with additional points of explanation printed. You don’t really need to worry about the numbered points at all, the only relevant details to look for are the name, authority held and date of expiry. ‘Revalidation’ is needed for rating revalidation, ‘Flight Examiner’ for General Skills Tests.