Application Process FAQs

• What are the NPPL fees and how do I pay?

The current fees can be found here. The BMAA fee can be paid by cheque, postal order or on our online shop

The CAA fee (only relevant for rating additions or cross-credit applications) must be paid separately, either by sending in a cheque/postal order with the rest of your application to the BMAA (made out to ‘Civil Aviation Authority’ in full), or a filled out payment form, which you can print from here. If we do not receive these, we will simply attach a note to the CAA on recommendation, requesting they contact you directly for their payment.

• How long before I get my licence?

Assuming there are no problems with the application, paperwork will normally be turned around within 2 working days at the BMAA. You can monitor your application’s progress by checking the ‘Where is my paperwork’ link at the foot of the website homepage.

If your application is recommended to the CAA for issue (non ab initio applications or removal of op. limits from a CAA-issued licence) the CAA agreed guide time for turning around licence applications is 10 working days.